Three Careers That Are Most Likely To Lead To Addiction

There’s no two ways about it, some careers just seem to see a larger number of people misuse substances more than any others. You only need to look at the entertainment industry and the large number of celebrities that have checked into alcohol rehab to see that.

There are many reasons as to why certain industries have a larger problem with alcohol and drug addiction than others, and that largely falls around the working environment. Long hours, stressful tasks and not exactly the best treatment from employers can all contribute towards this.

But what are the careers in which you’re most likely to be at risk from addiction?


The hospitality industry has long suffered with substance abuse in what is one of the most intense and stressful working environments globally. Reports have shown that around one in five restaurant and hotel employees use illicit drugs, while one in 10 engages in heavy alcohol consumption in what feels like an epidemic in itself.

This is most frequently put down to the long and late working hours, with many turning to drugs such as cocaine to try and prevent tiredness. Others put this down to the constant need to be positive to ensure levels of customer service are maintained.

However, it isn’t sustainable and is perhaps one of the reasons why so many businesses within hospitality are currently struggling to find staff following the pandemic.

Arts & Entertainment 

Both alcohol and drug abuse are high in the arts and entertainment industry, with these types of careers often attracting creatives that may have mental health disorders like anxiety or depression.

Many actors, for example, have spoken out about suffering from such disorders and in order to try and cope turn to drugs. Standing on a stage and anxiety don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, which generates huge levels of stress, which sees people turn to various types of drugs to try and manage that. 

Business Management

The higher a person is in a business, the larger the pressure and the higher change that someone may turn to substance abuse. 

In the white collar world, those involved with management are at an increased risk of being diagnosed with an addiction, with the likes of CEOs and high-level managers most culpable. Drug abuse in offices is growing and more and more companies are now putting in place policies and support networks in order for staff to get treatment and help for the problems they are going through with addiction.

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