Things We Did To Hide Our Relationship From Our Parents


Are you in a relationship? We always try hiding our relationship, especially when we are living with our parents. While it’s pretty easy for some of us, but some of us do awfully shady acts.

Below is the list of 10 things you will recount to if you belong to the second group:

  1. You never save your partner’s name as it is! Sometimes Deepak became Deepika and often customer care came to your rescue!
  2. Even before you go out with your partner, you will call your bff and say                                                                                    2
  3. Your always keep your cell phone on Silent. You never take risk putting it on vibration!
  4. Your parents thought you were skin allergic. Desi nuske were your safeguards.4
  5. You keep deleting all your messages and phone logs every 5 minutes5
  6. You keep your gadgets such as laptop, cell phones password protected. Not just that, you also protected your gallery which had all those awful pictures.6
  7. You spoke so softly all night that you gave pin drop silence competition.7
  8. Every time you had to answer their call in front of your parents, your replies were usually one word answers ,’haan’, ‘Na’, ‘hmm’, ‘ok’                                  8
  9. Almost every time your partner gifted you something, it was used by your parents or sibling.                                                                                     9
  10. You come up with a ridiculous reason every time, when he came to meet you during odd hours.                                                                                    10


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