4 Things We Can Learn From Hollywood Spies

Hollywood producers have been obsessed with spies for a long period of time. From James Bond to Jason Bourne, from Spooks to Tinker Tailor, we have seen all kind of spies grace our screen but only a few of them left a mark.

When you think of it, there are few things as exciting as a well made spy flick. They are full of thrill and action which keeps viewers at the edge of their seats, and often leaves a long lasting impression as well.

A lot of us grow up wanting to be spies due to these movies. We are accustomed to seeing stylish spies flirting with women and roaming around in luxury vehicles while saving the day. But is that all there is to being a spy?


There is a lot that we can learn from Hollywood spies. Let’s have a look:


The life of spies isn’t a bed of roses, especially the training phase. They’ve to go through tough screening, and harsh circumstances to qualify for the job. This is not an easy phase and many people even quit in the middle, but the ones who pass teach us that nothing is possible if you are motivated to achieve it.

The same approach can be applied by us in our normal lives. Learn to not give up on your dreams because this is light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep Tabs On Your Competition

If you go by Hollywood movies, the main duty of a spy is to keep the enemy at bay. They do this by keeping an eye on terrorists and prevent losses before they occur. You can apply the same technology in your day-to-day life.

This approach comes with several benefits, mostly importantly it keeps you ahead in the race.

Persuasion Matters

Spies have a way with people when it comes to convincing them and digging out secrets. As an entrepreneur or an employee, one needs to have this skill. Experts say that persuasion is the key to success.

Persuasion helps in every field of life. You will need to be able to persuade people to get what you want out of them. This includes your clients and employees as well.

Watch how Bond is able to get all the secrets out of people. While you may credit his looks for it, if you look carefully it’s his ability to study the other person that helps him win.

The Art Of Being An Intelligent Speaker

Spies are known to nail conversations, blend in with people, and do all this without showing their cards because they know what to say and what not to say. This is a very important skill that can help you find success in life.

Learning the art of speaking will take you a long way. It is all about knowing when to stop speaking and what to say.

The Verdict

Spies teach us how to mold our personalities and take on challenges. If you wish to feel like a spy, you can check Stealthy Ninjas as it has tonnes of information on spies.


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