These People Are Swimming Around At The Edge Of The Largest Waterfall In The World

This is Devil’s pool. It’s on the edge of a 300-foot drop at victoria Falls. People come from all over to get this insane shot. The pool is part of the Zambezi River in Zambia. Its look like you could just tumble over the edge. But a natural rock wall keeps you from falling. The pool is only accessible in the dry season.

It’s gorgeous…. if you’re brave enough.

Try not to look down: Tourists challenge gravity at the edge of the falls

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Edge of insanity: A father poses with his youngster dangerously close to the 100m drop

Largest Waterfall In The World-2

Wild and superb: Circle demonstrates the location of the Devil’s Swimming Pool at the edge of Victoria Falls

Largest Waterfall In The World-3

It’s a shout: Angela Stugren (above and beneath) picked Devil’s Swimming Pool to mark her anniversary.

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Largest Waterfall In The World 5

It’s behind you: Waving in the water with just a lip of rock in the middle of them and the falls

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Thrilling: A holidaymaker inclines directly over the edge to get a definitive photo of the falls

Largest Waterfall In The World7

Superman: It’s all grins for this thrill seeker visitor as he imitates his most loved superhero

Largest Waterfall In The World8

Wouldn’t be me: One thrill-seeker is brave enough to remain on the edge over the falls

Largest Waterfall In The World9

Watch this-

More About The Largest Waterfall In The World- Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a 5,600-foot wide waterfall situated on Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. The river falls about 344 feet into a canyon made up of parallel volcanic embankments, which were formed as the river eroded the rock and soil of its bed.

Largest Waterfall In The World

As the water falls into the gorge, fog and splash ascends, more than 100 feet higher than the highest point of the falls, giving the appearance that smoke is ascending out of a profound gap in the earth. This is the place it gets its traditional name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means “the smoke that thunders.” The river is alienated into four sections by two islands, bringing about four particular falls, each of which has its own name: Devils Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Eastern Cataract.

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