The Versatility of Turkish Towels

The most famous use of towels in our daily lives is usually for bathing. The fluffier they are the better.

But did you know that you can use it for other purposes, too? If you are living in a country with two to four seasons, you surely want to invest in stuff that can become versatile no matter what. Fluffy bath towels won’t be able to do just that. Luckily, turkish towels are there to help make our beach lives easier.

Turkish Towels

As Beach/Bath Towels Only?

These towels have been around even way before their fluffier counterparts were invented. It has been used as an all-around cloth by our ancestors. Originally, they are made from cotton and linen, and can only be used for bathing during ceremonial occasions such as a wedding. These fabrics are highly patronized by the early Turks.

In the modern world, their versatility and functions make them the ultimate must-have. They are more absorbent than fluffy towels, yet are more lightweight. Carrying them to and fro the beach is easier since they dry more quickly.

They also serve as a wonderful shield towards the cold while ashore. Unlike fluffy towels, these towels are bigger. This means that your shoulders down to your lower legs are well-protected from the windy drafts.

Of course, it is not all the time that you will find yourself on the beach. Does that mean you keep these versatile towels at the back of your closet until the next summer rolls in? Of course not!

Towels For Every Season

Aside from summer seasons, you can also use these towels during spring, autumn, and winter. Here are three other ways:

Skirt Or Dress

Want to spice up your look? These towels are here to help! Unlike fluffy towels, these have fancy designs and colors to choose from. You can match them with a plain top or cinch them with a belt. Your fluffy towels could never do that!

Makeshift Baby Sling

For newborn mothers, it can be difficult to juggle the task of taking care of a baby and a home at the same time. Thankfully, these towels are strong enough to work as a baby carrier while you sweep the floor, cook, or even just enjoy a good book. Your fussy baby would love it, too. Just make sure that you secure the sling carefully.

Chair Or Sofa Cover

Cleaning sofas made of cloth can become a pain. That is why others recommend that you use a sofa cover. And for that, we encourage you to use these towels to do so. You can just take it off your couch in the morning, throw them in the washing machine, give it some time to dry in the afternoon, and bring it back to the couch by the evening. These towels dry easily so it is less of a hassle to use them!

Make Them Multi-Purpose

As you can see, turkish towels are not exclusively for the bathroom and the beach. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can make these multi-purposes. Don’t hide them at the back of your closet next time.


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