The Top Things to do in London

You are the sort of person who is extremely organised when it comes to your holidays. After all, you have arranged your travel plans, your hotel locations and have fully committed to the idea of visiting the UK’s capital: London. However, do you know what sort of places you should be visiting when you actually reach the UK? Of course, you can visit some of the local tourist traps. But do you really want your experience to be ruined by crowds of hungry tourists looking to get that perfect selfie? Instead, you should consider some of these alternative places to satiate your hungry cultural palette.

The First Things that come to mind are…

Naturally, when you visit London for the first time, you may start to consider the main tourist traps of London. Whilst they may be beautiful in their structures and historical relevance, they are not so pretty in relation to their waiting queue times and the masses of crowds that enter them. These places may include:

The Tower of London
Madame Tussauds
London Dungeons
Hard Rock Cafe
London Aquarium
London Eye
West Minster Abbey
Buckingham Palace

Whilst these monuments may have an allure that will naturally attract tourists from all around the world, you have to realise that they do come with their costs. Literally, their high-prices tend to prey on tourists that simply want to experience the most stereotypical sides of British Culture. You may also have to experience a long waiting time. London is full of historical and cultural treasures that do not have a price tag attached to them. But, if you do want to have a general overview of British Culture, then you are free to visit as many as you want. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Unique and Quirky Museums

When it comes to exploring British Culture, you want to visit a venue that is able to provide you with a story as well as interesting information that can be easily absorbed. That is why, once you have finished with the larger Museums of the “Natural History Museum”, “The Science Museum” or the “National Portrait Gallery”, why not consider looking into The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities or Sir John Soane’s Museum?

Both of these venues have extremely unusual architecture but differ in the fact that one is actually a museum dedicated to the weirdest artefacts of the world, whilst the other is the home of an eccentric architect of the Bank of England. Either way, you will always find a portrait or room that is filled with curiosity. Take your time when going around each room, as for places like John Soane’s home, it has actually been untouched for over 180 years, just as he requested. That is why you should take in the grandiose beauty of the architecture, for it truly is a sight that will leave your speechless.

Historical Treasures

Normally, when you think about treasures that are held within London, you may think about “The Crown Jewels” in the Tower of London. However, these jewels are nothing in relation to some of the more ancient histories that London has to offer. Did you know that London actually has a multitude of Roman Ruins that are ready for you to tour? These include:

The Roman Amphitheatre (Located in the Guildhard Art Gallery)
The Basilica and Forum
The Roman Baths
The Remains of the Roman City Wall
The Hidden Roman Fort
London’s Roman Temple of Mithras

All of these ruins all hark back to when London was known as “Londinium.” You can either visit these ruins on your own or, if you wait until Wednesday or Friday, then you can join in on a Roman Walking Tour to get to know what London Life truly was like in AD 43. It is the perfect thing to do when you are out on a day trip and want to experience some of London’s city street life at its finest.

Macabre History

A lot of the tourists that enter London are looking for a little bit of a dark twist on the UK’s history. That is why they go to the London Dungeons, so they can get their fill of grizzly facts with a little hint of a jump scare at the end. However, if you are looking to get a hint of reality with your macabre explorations, why not go on a Plague Pit Tour or see the final wall of The Newgate Prison?

Both of these heritage sites both have extremely ghastly backgrounds, considering that they involved the deaths of a multitude of innocent people and criminals alike. However, when it comes to the Plague Pits, there are certainly more than one to explore. With over 30 that still remain in London, each is completely unique and hold a plethora of different stories. Whilst some are simply strewed with random bodies, others contain more specific plague victims, such as prostitutes. By joining in on one of the tours, you can even learn about the context behind the plague, such as facts about “Plague Doctors” and even the Great Fire of London. Your daily dose of horror will surely be fulfilled with these informative tours!

Romantic Rendez-Vous

If you are planning on travelling around London with a loved one, or maybe even with a London Escort, then you just have to fit in a few romantic gestures to really add a little spice to your trip. Whilst you can smooth your date into dinner at a London Restaurant, for instance at The Barbary
or Temper or Barrafina, why not make a romantic date out of taking a trip to London’s very own Little Venice?

With the stretch of the Grand Canal travelling up the North West of London, it is the perfect place to take a romantic boat trip up with your partner. You can hire out a boat or pedalo to spend some alone time with your love, whilst admiring the tranquillity of the canal itself, its gorgeous colourful houseboats or even the few rare waterside cafes. Your own journey up these canals can be extremely personalised to your own tastes. However, if you are to stop off at any places around the Canals, we would truly recommend stopping at Blomfield Roa, Brownings Poll or even Soho (if you are up for the journey!)

The Perfect London Day

From the moment you enter London, you will realise how busy the UK’s capital city life truly is. Not only is it full of commuters that want to get to their work, but tourists who want to fully take in the very essence of British culture. That is why you just have to avoid the tourist traps. They will not give you a well-rounded view of what the UK is actually like. Look for smaller tourist venues, ones that will give you more of a unique view into the UK’s history. That way you can avoid overcrowded venues and simply enjoy your day out! The best way to end your day? Fish and Chips in a Pub!

Happy Travels!

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