The Risks Associated with Esports Betting


Fraudulent activities have become a real issue in online betting. You have to take extra effort to pick a solid bookmaker that will keep your personal and financial data safe. This isn’t as easy as it seems. And this surely takes a lot of time. However, you should minimize the risks in those places where this can be possible.

Whether you are a beginner or a high-roller, it’s good to refresh the esports betting risks in your head. Before you step into, read the information below.

Esports Risks

Higher prize-pools affect the motivation of esports players. Along with a higher level of liquidity in esports betting, you may find it more attractive to place bets and make profits.

The number of risks remains more or less the same, as esports becomes more mainstream. So people know what to expect from esports betting activities and where to be careful.

Esports are relatively new with still developing video games. So you should keep track of the changes all the time. Esports trading is confronted with a particular fraud risk – usually a form of match-fixing. Bookmakers try to optimize their risk detection instruments. They aim to prevent betting-related fraud by boosting your knowledge about teams and tournaments known for their illegal practices.

Regular Updates

Compared to traditional sports, esports is less predictable. The schedule of events can be formed at the very last moment. Teams may involve semi-pro players as well as amateurs. It is therefore crucial that bookmakers track the esports market and set the liability to match the potential risks.

The parameters like the prize pool, the organizer, the quality, and the reputation of the participants play a significant role in the match liability. This is how bettors don’t abuse the side market offers that are associated with the match.

Different Demographics

While traditional sports betting is focused on the middle age generation, esports betting is the center of attention for younger adults. According to Global Web Index, more than 30% of the esports audience is at the age of 16-24. These are usually fans of video games like CSGO, Dota, and LoL. They have a solid gaming experience, which can now be used for betting purposes.

With traditional sports, a one-minute delay between a live event and its transmission on TV. For online esports tournaments, the streaming delay can be up to five minutes which causes potential exploitation of the odds. Younger adults are keen on making risky decisions, which is often used by bookmakers.

Frequent Gaming and Betting Patterns

The risks are becoming more complex. The challenge of detecting and mitigating the risks happens to be the same. Tricks used by fraudulent bettors involve the use of several accounts, VPNs, device IDs, as well as stake sizes to avoid detection.

Bookmakers have to stay on top of average in-game changes, also known as “patches”. This requires a “competitive trading team” that has a deep knowledge of the games and esports-specific markets.

Risk management for esports is considered to be harder by the average understanding of the games. The average esports bettor enjoys video games at a considerably higher level than the average football fans betting on football. The knowledge of the game leads to more advanced betting strategies. As a result, the requirements for recruiting risk analysts become considerably higher in esports.

Tactical Recruitment

An experience in esports and betting is crucial for the overall success of your bets on esports events. An enormous amount of data needs to be processed to start thinking logically and working with data constructively.

Your experience will determine your status. The requirements may vary for a legacy sports trader and a professional trader with passion for esports. While providers can reap important financial benefits when joining this amazing betting vertical, it is clear that they are not offset by numerous risks.

If you are serious about your ambitions in esports betting, you should have a clear understanding of potential risks. They will allow you to bet in the safest way possible.

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