The past, present and future of live Roulette

The past, present and future of live Roulette

Live dealer Roulette games are amongst the most popular online options when it comes to remote gambling. Online casinos have been a huge part of the gambling scene for many years now, even moving on to offer live action facilities! Keep reading to find out more about the past and present of live Roulette, and where it could be heading in the distant future!

The Past

Roulette, in its most primitive form, dates back as far as the 18th century. Historians believe that the ideas behind the game were conjured up by the French mathematician/engineer/philosopher Blaise Pascal, in his search for a “perpetual motion machine”. Roulette, as a game, became a culmination of several other numbered games, such as “Biribi” and “Roly Poly”. 

Biribi originated in France, also being played across Italy, and was played on a board that was marked with numbers one through to 70. Each player then went on to place their stake onto the numbers that they wished to back. With all the variations of numbered games that we have now, it’s clear to see that Biribi was probably more similar to our current idea of Bingo, than anything else.

The British wheel-based game of Roly Poly was essentially another name for the earlier invention of Roulette, as it was played in a very similar way to the latter, although some argue that it was more like “Even-Odd”. Even-Odd was another type of wheel game that was considerably simpler than the rest. There were no numbers on the wheel, just the letters O and E, representing both “Odd” and “Even”. Despite the lack of numbers, the basic premise of the game was incredibly similar to Roulette, with players making their predictions and then waiting to see where the ball would settle on the wheel!

The Present

Nowadays, Roulette has multiple platforms on which people play. Of course, you’re still free to visit a brick-and-mortar location, to get your fix of the spinning wheel, but what has become more popular as time’s gone by is playing the age-old classic online!

The first online casino that began dealing in real money was launched back in 1996, by InterCasino – a gaming provider that is still used today. Being able to play your favourite casino games from the comfort of your own home was a huge development for the gambling industry – especially for fans of Roulette! Quickly, online casinos became the norm in our modern world. Our television screens are constantly filled with vibrant, and sometimes musical, advertisements, boasting offers and odds that could not be enjoyed at any land-based location! 

But, like anything, the novelty gradually wore off, as online gambling became as ordinary as your local Bingo hall. So, up cropped the invention of LIVE online casino gaming – Roulette and Blackjack being the first games to be featured in this revolution. Whilst sitting at home, with all your own comforts and luxuries, you can now play with your very own live croupier and watch the action unfold in real time! At first, the live events could only be broadcasted one at a time, and for a maximum of three hours – but, thankfully, that soon changed. Now most casino sites offer a wide range of themes and rooms for players to electronically enter whenever they see fit, and stay playing their favourite games for as long as they like!

The Future

Whilst the future of live Roulette is somewhat uncertain, as its current state is already considerably advanced, we can still make a few hopeful predictions:

  • Live online Roulette to include video calling services, so players can have one-to-ones with their croupier, and other players.
  • Games linking directly to the player’s social media, so they can share their wins!
  • Players to get the chance to deal, with a virtual system allowing them to shuffle cards and make decisions.

Of course, these ideas are just guesswork but, in this digital age, anything is possible!

So, what additions to live Roulette would you like to see?


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