The Most Common Types Of Digital Marketing


You might get confused when reading the title of the article. We already have a “common” marketing, why do we need any other types? But the devil is not so black as it is painted. Thousands of companies successfully use it for a long time already without any suspicion. So, let’s see what digital marketing is about and what it includes.


Digital marketing is a general definition for products and services marketing. It uses digital channels to attract and keep clients. What is important, the methods used for these purposes are numerous: starting from advertising on online radio station up to contextual announcement on the Internet. So, to say it simply, it is any promotion where “digit” is included.

Online advertising platform provides huge amount of tools for getting better result, you have to try all of them to take decision whats the best for your business.

It is often mixed with Internet marketing. Digital one includes this notion, but it is not its limit. Internet marketing covers all channels available for user only on the Internet, while a digital approach adds to it promotion on any other digital signages. the real metrics that grow a business- Home Service Direct.

Mind, digital marketing has nothing in common with leaflets hand-outs or newspaper advertising. But. If there is a QR-code on them with redirection to a particular website – it can be counted.

The most common types of digital marketing you have to try. Also try digital advertising platforms that provides all services you need to grow your business up.

• Paid Search

Generally, you can see an example of it when googling something: they are results on top positions with a small mark “Ads”. PPC services (Pay-Per-Click) model is often used here that means Advertiser is charged each time the ad was clicked and a visitor was redirected to a specially prepared page.

• Search Engine Optimization, or, Simply SEO

It is a free way to promote your content to top position in case of keywords wise use. One of disadvantages here is that you will need time to see the results and they can be lost in case of changes in algorithms.

• Content Marketing

Online ecosystem is focused on quality and not on the quantity for a long time already, that is why it is often said that content is the king.

Making content that doesn’t sell or advertise, but, vice versa, offers interesting and valuable information for inspiration and educating of your clients is really a challenging task, but it is certainly worth doing so. The content corresponding to your audience’s interests will help you to become a source of information worth taking into account. Content is king and you should often publish new blog posts on your website. Consider attending an SEO conference to learn about the latest SEO practices from the seo speaker.

• Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are not the places for selfies and cat videos anymore. Well, there is much more from them. People start searching information about a product or brand before making a decision about buying or simply getting in touch with the company. The more users want to interact with your clients, the more likely they are to share or repost it. They are very certain to become clients in this case and, as a bonus, will make positive impact on their friends.

• Emailing

It has started long ago, it is still alive now and, what is more, it is very prosperous at the moment. Some people may not have an account on Pinterest, but they certainly have an electronic mailbox. The only case that focus on personalization is a high requirement now, all mass mailouts will be ignored and will turn the clients away very soon.

  • Mobile Marketing

This is a very popular channel, but, at the same time, very personal. That’s why users are very sensitive about what they get there. There are various forms of it, including SMS and MMS, that can be of great use, if implemented wisely. Anyway, mobile approach should be certainly implemented to almost any marketing campaign.

• Automated Marketing

Actually, it is a platform that unites all your marketing efforts. Programmatic advertising company uses automated marketing campaigns. You will always feel that something is missing in case you skip it. Specially designed software will optimize and automate all marketing tasks and work processes, thus making you work simpler and more effective.

Have you tried anything from the list?


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