The Mental Framework of Angry Exes That Choose to Seek Revenge


When a relationship breaks down it is not always a case of a mutually agreed separation that helps to put the experience in the past and move on to pastures new.

You might yourself facing the full rage and fury of an ex who feels hard done by and wants to exact revenge in some way for the way that they feel they have been treated, even if there is very little basis for such retribution.

In some examples, it has required the services of highly rated sex crime attorneys to fight off accusations that may well be motivated by revenge, by still need to be answered.

What is it that influences the mindset of an estranged partner to seek revenge?

An emotional release

The subject of revenge is a complicated one and it is a topic that has psychologists forever trying to find a definitive answer to what triggers this response in a situation where a relationship breaks down, for instance.

The general view is that revenge provides a much-needed emotional release and the person who sees themselves as a victim in the relationship will often feel that it will be a rewarding experience to get their own back on someone who they think has wronged them.

The fundamental problem with revenge is that it tends to create a perpetual cycle of retaliation rather than providing the sort of closure that might be anticipated when plotting revenge in the first place.

Why seek revenge?

We all have different levels of ability when it comes to coping with rejection and the obvious question is what is it that makes someone feel the need to seek revenge in the first place?

In a relationship setting, an ex can easily come to the conclusion that they have been wronged and experience a sense of loss or emotional injury that eats away at them because of the raw emotions that are evident when a couple first part company.

When the relationship comes to an abrupt or even unexpected end that can further fuel the sense of injustice that leads someone to plot some form of revenge.

Ultimately, it is often the mindset that the goal for seeking revenge is based upon the need to wipe the slate clean so that they erase any humiliation or wounded pride that they believe has been unfairly inflicted upon them.

The motivation behind revenge

An ex-partner can have any number of reasons for justifying their decision to take revenge for the way they feel they have been treated.

It may be that they simply want to teach their ex-partner a lesson that they can’t behave the same way in the future. They might even feel justification for their actions by believing that their revengeful actions might act as a deterrent to dissuade the so-called aggressor from making the same mistake again.

Revenge takes many shapes and forms. It is a particularly powerful motion when there has been an emotional entanglement between the two parties caught up in this scenario.

Understanding the mental framework of an ex who is seeking revenge will always be a challenge. What is certain is the need to defend your position if accusations are made that are motivated by revenge rather than facts.



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