The Link between Bacterial Vaginosis and Diet

Are you suffering from bacterial vaginosis? This condition, commonly referred to as BV, comes from upsetting the pH balance in a woman’s vagina. This results in an imbalance between the ‘good’ and ‘harmful’ bacteria and is the major cause of the infection. BV can have several different triggers, such as having a new sex partner or multiple sex partners, or even a poor diet. Depending on the treatment you take, the infection may last between three to seven days. Let’s explore the link between Bacterial Vaginosis and Diet, and the treatment options available for you.

The Role of Diet in Bacterial Vaginosis

You are what you eat – your body will respond to the foods that you eat. As such, some foods may alleviate the infection, while others will make it worse. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will go a long way in improving your condition. Let’s take a look at the foods you should eat and those you should avoid when trying to recover from bacterial vaginosis.

What to Eat


Yogurt is a perfect probiotic. During the fermentation or processing period, it acquires many healthy bacteria that you can take advantage of. By eating yogurt, you can introduce the beneficial bacteria back into your body, hence stabilizing your vaginal pH. Additionally, it fights off the harmful bacteria from your urinary tract, giving you an ultimately healthier body. For you to reap the best benefits, you can take one serving of yogurt per day. 


While yogurt is an excellent example of probiotics, you can also take probiotics in the form of supplements. Visit your doctor today and get recommendations on the most suitable one for you. The supplements will not only treat your current infection but will also prevent future cases of bacterial vaginosis. Usually, they come in liquid or pill form, and you can choose your most viable options. Before taking the supplements, you need to steer clear of antibiotics as the two do not go hand in hand. 


Garlic has been shown to have a robust antibacterial benefit, making it an effective remedy for bacterial vaginosis. You only need one garlic supplement tablet to solve the issue. If you are brave enough, you can choose to chew upon one clove of garlic once in a while. Just be sure to brush your teeth afterward!

Foods to Avoid

Processed Foods

Taking too many processed foods depresses your immune system, hence paving a path for harmful bacteria. This can lead to bacterial vaginosis and other UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections).

Meat and Dairy Products with Artificial Hormones

Specific meats and dairy products contain xenoestrogens, which are artificial hormones. These hormones tend to imitate estrogen and can block its production in the vagina. As such, your vagina not only takes longer to heal from bacterial vaginosis, but it also paves the way for other infections. 


Sugar works in the opposite direction of the probiotics. The result is getting a bacterial imbalance that paves the way for bacterial vaginosis and other problems such as irritation, soreness, and yeast infections. 

Possible Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

While it may sound like a complicated infection, it is treatable. Let’s explore some viable ways to manage the condition;

  • Avoid douching your vagina
  • Avoid tight pants or underwear
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Steer clear from spermicidal foam or diaphragms
  • Take probiotic supplements
  • Take sugar-free cranberries or smoothies
  • Eat green leafy vegetables
  • During your treatment, avoid antibiotics.

Visit Your Doctor Today

You should visit your doctor and know the best course of action. They will then perform a few lab tests and examinations to determine the condition’s severity before administering an appropriate treatment. Usually, the dosage provided takes three to seven days. Even after you begin feeling better (mostly on the fourth day), you should endeavor to complete your dosage.

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