The Higher Path, 5 weed strains with body-centered effects

Path, 5 weed strains with body-centered effects

Weed can be organized into a few broad categories determined by the specific effects you experience when you consume it. On the one hand are cannabis strains that bring on a type of head high. On the other hand, you have marijuana strains whose effects give you a body high. There are also some strains that find themselves somewhere in between; they combine mental stimulation and equal parts of physical relaxation, creating a balanced blend. Many people are mainly interested in weed’s corporeal effects. For some marijuana consumers, arthritis, chronic pain, or some other medical condition requires bodily relief. Some cannabis users just like the feeling of physical relaxation more than the feeling of mental intoxication. Whatever the reason behind it, you can easily find the right weed strain to suit your needs. We have compiled a list of strains to take you on the higher path of body-focused effects. All these strains are available at the Higher Path.


Harle- Tsu is a non-intoxicating CBD strain; the effects will not affect your mind as much as they will relax your body. You can pick one of these up at a Higher Path location. It is a great cannabis strain for medical marijuana patients. Its effects bring relief to swelling and pain caused by different conditions or injuries. In terms of flavour, this strain has a herbal taste with earthy undertones. Harle-Tsu weed will make your body relax without putting you into a couch-lock.  

Golden Goat

Interestingly, Golden Goat was not bred intentionally; this hybrid cross is a pleasant accident. If you want to go on the higher path of experiencing a body-centric high, this is the strain for you. Golden Goat weed is a high-octane strain with a tropical mix of flavours. The high ripples through your whole body. While its potency is not anything to write home about, it will keep your mind relatively clear, soon enough your brain will return to normal pretty quickly. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the physical high. 

Original Glue

Original Glue was called Gorilla Glue #4 in the past. Regardless of what the name is, this strain is well known for having strong physical effects that practically make you stick like glue to what you are sitting on at the moment. Prepare yourself for this sticky, potent herb plant known as Original Glue.

White Fire 43

In terms of its aroma and flavour, White Fire 43 has a heady sour aroma that will remind you of earth complemented by citrus zest. The smell fills the whole room and is pleasant on the nose. The strain is a powerful White Fire OG phenotype known for its pungent smell. Once you take a few puffs of White Fire 43, it quickly brings on a full-body relaxation as a result of its impressive production of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Platinum OG

The Platinum OG marijuana strain high starts off with a mental buzz. However, it is only permanent. It is followed by full-body relaxation that takes over the entire body. The initial effect will lead you into deep-seated physical sedation. This strain is popular as a bedtime smoke to help you sleep better. If you struggle with insomnia, give this strain a try. Be sure to look out for it when you visit the Higher Path. 


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