The Connection Between CBD and Sleep


What is CBD

CBD has quickly become an indispensable supplement for over 30% of Americans. It refers to cannabidiol, one of 100+ cannabinoids which are chemicals extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD has a wide array of beneficial properties, and over 60% of CBD users take this supplement to treat pain.

Cannabidiol is also efficient against inflammation-related skin conditions, such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. On top of that, it successfully decreases seizure frequency in patients with severe forms of epilepsy.

What about sleep disorders? Statistics show that nearly 42% of CBD consumers use it to cope with insomnia. Does cannabidiol really promote better sleep and are its effects equal to  placebo? Where can I buy CBD oil for sleep? Today, you will find answers to these questions.

The Role of Endocannabinoids in Sleep Regulation

As mentioned before, CBD belongs to cannabinoids, the group of molecules found in hemp and marijuana plants. Our body can also produce similar chemicals named endocannabinoids. Together with the cannabinoid receptors, they form the endocannabinoid system. It is present in most mammals, including humans. The cannabinoid receptors are evenly spread through our bodies, influencing a variety of physiological processes.

Researchers have found that ECS regulates appetite, mood, memory, pain, temperature, and sleep. Studies show that increased release of endocannabinoids calms the nervous system and helps us fall asleep. The endocannabinoid system is also responsible for homeostasis, which is the state of balance.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

CBD and Sleep


Since CBD is very similar to our endocannabinoids, it binds with the cannabinoid receptors to release its properties. CBD consumption helps your body restore balance and, therefore, bring sleep back to normal. Daily CBD intake of 160 mg increases the quality and time of sleep due to a sedative effect.

Nevertheless, cannabidiol does not only contribute to our endocannabinoids. It also has several other properties that promote healthy sleep.

Sleep-inducing CBD Properties

Insomnia is usually a symptom of a particular pathological condition. CBD can act as a remedy for several ailments that cause sleep disorders. You can see the list of CBD properties that can help you fight insomnia below:

Reduces Stress Hormone Levels

We are used to dealing with stress every day. Unfortunately, the US is among the most stressed countries. More than 55% of Americans experience different kinds of stress daily. Our body responds to stress by releasing several hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.

The first one elevates your heart rate and increases your blood pressure. The second one increases glucose level, promotes wakefulness, and boosts your energy levels. It is your body’s primary response to stress, helping it get ready to fight. When you are stressed out at a job, your body responds to this threat with increasing cortisol and adrenaline release. As a result, chronically elevated stress hormone levels deprive you of sleep.

CBD is revealed to interfere with cortisol and adrenaline production. It reduces the stress hormone levels significantly, which drastically improves the overall quality of sleep.

Fights Anxiety-related Insomnia

Anxiety is another reason for sleep disorders. It is also a nationwide problem in the US since over 40 million Americans experience anxiety and panic attacks. Although such ailments are relatively easy to treat, many people with anxiety think they don’t have any issues at all. But If, after getting to bed, you cannot sleep a wink and feel scared about tomorrow’s duties, you need treatment. In this case, CBD oil can make a difference.

A three-month study in 72 adults showed that people with anxiety disorders experienced significant (up to 38%) improvement in their sleep conditions. People took 25-175 mg of CBD daily, which was lower than generally recommended. As a result, even small CBD intake showed efficacy against anxiety and related complications, including sleep disorders.

How to Take CBD for Sleep?

CBD and Sleep


How to take CBD to achieve maximum efficiency then? You need to combine high quality, appropriate dose, suitable administration route, and right treatment time.

Selecting Good CBD Oil

As for quality, you need to choose a reputable manufacturer. For this, check the tips below:

  • Stick to lab-tested, certified products.
  • Make sure a CBD product contains less than 0.03% THC (the psychoactive cannabis chemical).
  • Aim at American brands that use the US-grown hemp.
  • Check feedback.

It is also crucial to buy the best quality CBD oil to get maximum benefits and avoid any complications.

Where to Buy CBD Oil

“Where can I buy CBD oil near me?” is no longer a question since you can purchase the best quality CBD oil easily at online and physical stores. CBD products are legal in most of the states. Nevertheless, selecting a suitable CBD brand online is much more convenient since it allows you to compare the prices, as well as research feedback and quality.

Adjust the Dose

CBD dosing is highly individual. You can start from 1 to 6 mg of CBD per ten pounds of total body mass, depending on your sleep disorder’s severity. Consulting your doctor before taking the treatment is highly recommended.

Route of Administration and Timing

CBD comes in many forms, such as tinctures, edibles, capsules, and vape oils. If you inhale CBD or put the oil under your tongue, cannabidiol will get directly to your bloodstream and release its effects faster. The best time to take CBD for sleep is before going to bed. If you prefer capsules, you need to take CBD one or two hours before bedtime. If you take cannabidiol sublingually, do it 15 or 20 minutes before bed.

Final Thoughts

CBD fosters better sleep quality by binding with cannabinoid receptors in the body. Besides, it successfully relieves conditions that cause insomnia, such as anxiety and chronic stress. Therefore, CBD is an efficient treatment for sleep disorders of different origins. To use cannabidiol efficiently, you need to buy CBD oil from reputable brands. As long as you consume certified, lab-tested cannabidiol extracted from American hemp, you will sleep like a log.



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