The Challenges Of Maintaining Our Toilets

The Challenges Of Maintaining Our Toilets

The bathroom is one of the house’s most important rooms. It is the place where you do all your private business and shower. However toilet clogs seem to happen once in a while, making your bathroom trip rather uncomfortable and unwelcoming. When a toilet gets blocked, no matter how many times you flush the water won’t drain. And sometimes, the water level will just rise and produce an unpleasant odor. A house with a smelly toilet isn’t exactly a place you want to stay in, right? Imagine having a visitor at your place and the toilet smells extra bad, so embarrassing. So what to do when you have a blocked toilet? It’s actually pretty simple because you just have to unblock it. To unblock a toilet , you will need a professional plumber to do the job because it can get messy and dirty. Also, regular homeowners without a basic plumbing knowledge will only increase the damage. But if you’re in a situation where you are unable to call a professional plumber, here are some ways to unblock a toilet.

The Challenges Of Maintaining Our Toilets

First of all, if the toilet won’t flush properly after one flush, remember to not flush it again for the second time. Flushing it again will only cause the water level to increase. Take the lid off of the toilet tank and make sure to close the toilet flapper, it will prevent more water from entering the bowl. After that, prepare the bathroom with newspaper or recycled paper linings incase unnecessary splashing occurs. Also, don’t forget to leave the door or window open to make sure the filthy smell goes out. When everything is ready, take a good look at the inside of the toilet and sees if you can spot the cause of the clog. If it’s a solid material you can reach, put on a pair of gloves and try taking it out with your hands. If using your hands didn’t work, try use a high quality plunger. Remember to not use the small and cheap suction-cup type one because it won’t work, so it is better to use a ball-shaped one instead. Run the plunger with hot water and insert it into the bowl. When the plunger completely covers the whole, pump it over the hole. Start slowly at first and add some strength as you continue. After several attempts, try flushing the toilet to check the drainage. If the plunging worked, the flush should also work, but if the plunging failed, the water should remain.

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There are other methods like using an enzyme product or by draining hot water into the bowl. Enzyme products could be found in supermarkets or plumbing stores and the instructions are written there so it should be simple. If all of those didn’t work, the plumbing snake method might help. If it still didn’t work, then it is time to call us for help. Unblocking a toilet is not a simple job in the first place, so don’t feel too sad if all the methods didn’t work.


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