The 3 Best Phillies Players Of All Time

The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the biggest names in Major League Baseball today, with fans from across the world following the action from Citizens Bank Park. Their future looks bright under manager Gabe Kapler, but their history is even more prestigious. The Phillies have a proud record dating back to 1883, making them the oldest continuous one name, one city, team in the whole of American Sport. It’s little wonder then that vintage-style Phillies clothing and merchandise is in high demand, especially as it brings memories of these three all-time greats who did so much for the Fightin’ Phils.

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt is the legendary third baseman who played for the Phillies in Major League Baseball for an astonishing 17 seasons between 1972 and 1989. One reason for his longevity at the top level was that he combined exceptional power hitting qualities with a strong defense as well. During his career, he notched up 548 home runs and was also a ten times third baseman Gold Glove Award winner. It’s little wonder that Mike is renowned as the greatest Philadelphia Phillies player of all time, and it is often said that he’s the greatest third baseman ever to appear in MLB.

Steve Carlton

When it comes to the greatest Phillies pitchers of all time, one name comes instantly to mind: Steve Carlton. The man affectionately known as Lefty played for six teams during a career that spanned 23 years, but he reached his zenith in Philadelphia between 1972 and 1986. His years with the Phillies saw Mike win four Cy Young Awards, and he was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 1994. His illustrious career saw him smash many records, and he still has the second most left-handed strikeouts in MLB history. 1972 proved a particularly notable record when he was responsible for over half of all Phillies wins.

Richie Ashburn

Ritchie Ashburn set the Phillies alight as a center fielder in the post-war era, making his debut in 1948 and playing on until 1962. The Tilden Flash was a central part of the ‘Whiz Kids’ group that took the Phillies to 1950 National League Title, and he finished with a highly impressive career batting average of .308. One reason that Ritchie was so successful was that he was an accurate spray hitter, so he always kept the opposition guessing where the ball would be heading next. He also became famed for his skills as a broadcaster, but it is his achievements with the bat that can be discovered at sites such as

Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, and Ritchie Ashburn didn’t earn the huge bucks that today’s MLB stars do, but their passion, skills,and achievements are a match for any of today’s superstars. They are all worthy members of the MLB Hall of Fame, and while they are loved and lauded across the world of baseball, it is in Philadelphia that they are particularly revered. That’s why people who weren’t born when Mike, Steve, and Ritchie were at their peak still think of their names when they don their vintage Phillies clothing.

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