The best online business accounts in 2023


Business accounts are beneficial, but finding a suitable one can be difficult. There are endless options with different features, and new ones keep popping up. This article will show you how to pick a good one to help you manage company funds.

What Is A Business Bank Account?

It is a dedicated bank account used for corporate transactions. You open it in your company’s name and use it to pay vendors or receive customer payments. It works exactly like a personal account but for corporate purposes.

Most Popular Online Business Bank Accounts

  • Silverbird: Ideal for cross-border transactions.
  • Mercury: Ideal for technology startups.
  • Lending Club Tailored Checking: Ideal for credit services.
  • Novo: Ideal for e-commerce businesses.
  • Chase Business: Ideal for high-volume customers.
  • Found: Ideal for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

Which Online Business Bank Account Is Right For You?

This question has no single answer, as it depends on your banking needs and goals. But, we recommend Silverbird as the best online business bank account because it makes it easy to perform cross-border transactions. Users can hold, send, and receive payments in over 30 currencies. They can open local EU, UK, and US bank accounts to get paid faster. This makes Silverbird an ideal choice for people who conduct business online and have customers across the globe.

What You Should Consider When Choosing A Bank Account For Your Business?


Banking platforms make money by charging fees on transactions. Each platform has its unique fee structure. For instance, some banks charge a flat fee per transaction, while some charge a percentage fee. Some others charge a mixture of flat and percentage fees for each transaction.

Ensure that the platform you want to choose has reasonable fees that you can afford. Fees may seem small but can add up to a significant amount when performing many transactions.

Note that some banking platforms also charge monthly fees to maintain your account. The best business accounts have fees comparable to what competitors charge and won’t take fees for unnecessary things.


Virtually all licensed banks are insured by a government agency such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (FDIC) in the U.S. and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the U.K. Government-backed insurance is limited to a specific amount. Hence, some banks take additional insurance from private bodies.

Ensure that whichever banking platform you use is insured directly or via a third-party bank. If it isn’t, then it’s not a legitimate one. 


An ideal banking app should be easy to use and navigate. You don’t need to crack your head to figure out how to make simple transactions. A user-friendly interface will make it easy to transfer funds, receive payments, view your transactions, pay bills, etc. 

4.Customer Service

No online platform is perfect. Things can go wrong anytime, and you’ll need external help. Ensure that your banking provider offers good customer service. You should be able to place a call or live chat and speak with a support representative to address your problems. Check customer reviews to see what other people say about the provider’s service.

5.Interest and Perks

Banks usually offer interest on the money you deposit for a specific period. Different platforms have different interest rates, so you can shop for a suitable one. The rate is generally between 1% and 5%. 


A dedicated corporate bank account makes it easy to manage company funds. We have shown you the most popular business accounts and important factors to consider when choosing one. We recommend Silverbird for businesses because it facilitates cross-border transactions with ease.


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