The Best Footballers To Never Win A Major Title

The number of silverware defines great men in football that they have won. Therefore it is not surprising that we remember great players such as Pele, Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, and Maradona. However, some great players never won any titles, but they made statements every time that they were on the pitch.

So, who are the top footballers who have never won a major title that you need to know of?

The Best Footballers To Never Win A Major TitleWhile you can always bet on Betway today on soccer matches and win big, did you think of the players on the field who weren’t as lucky?

Here is a look at the best footballers to never win a major title.

#1. Antonio Di Natale

Antonio Di Natale is a Serie A Legend. He spent all his football career with two clubs, Empoli and Udinese. During his time with Udinese, he went to record as the all-time Serie A top scoring player. The only time that he got close to winning a major title was in 2002 during the Euro Cup. However, the Italians lost to Spain.

#2. Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath is one of the best  English defenders. The Irish born always made the art of defending elementary and that is what made him a star on the pitch. However, McGrath had his share of issues; he was an alcoholic and had traumatic issues with his childhood. Also, he had no knee cartilage; therefore, it was crucial for him to take pain medication every time that he was playing. The closest he has ever been to winning a manor title was during the 1985 FA Cup.

#3. Giuseppe Signori

Signori is another Serie A legend who has never won any major trophy. He is one of the top scoring players in the league. He scored a total of 188 goals out of 344 games. Although he won Serie B title and the Intertoto Cup, they are not considered significant claims. However, he was part of the Spanish 1994 squad that made it to the World Cup finals.

#4. Johnny Haynes.

Johnny Haynes was once the captain of the England team during the  1964 World Cup. In all his 18-year football career Haynes only played for one team; Fulham. Pele described him as one the best passers in the pitch that he has ever come across. He twice came close to winning the FA Cup when he reached the semifinal in 1958 and 1960.

#5. Socrates.

Brazilian player Socrates never had any major title either at home or at the international level.  He was an icon during the 1982 World Cup but Brazil.finished in fifth place. He also made it to the Copa finals during in 1984.

#6. Sir Tom Finney

Tom Finney served for fourteen years for Preston North End. He was named as the Best Football player twice in England. He is regarded as England’s most exceptional footballers to have never won a major title.

Are you a Betway fan? Which player do you think will be unlucky from the present generation?

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