The Best Custom Flags to Use for Promoting Your Business in 2021

In this age of stiff business competition, marketing plays a pivotal role to promote your products or services. If you are new, it is a bit overwhelming if you do not know how or where to begin. Though digital marketing is the buzz today, you must not undermine the significance of physical marketing through best custom flags for your brand

There are 7Ps of marketing and one of the Ps is promotion. According to an article published in Entrepreneur, promotion is educating your customers in all ways about your products and services, how to sell them. 

The use of promotional flags to promote your business is still effective in this age of digital marketing. Here are some of the best custom flags to use for promoting your brand in 2021:

Rectangle flags

When it comes to rectangle flags, they are best for outdoor advertising. These materials come in a range of sizes from 6-12 ft, to be precise. Auto and car dealers commonly use these flags to promote the sale of their vehicles. You will see such flags often lined up in front of car dealerships and lots promoting the different vehicle brands they sell. Rectangle flags are popular because they provide enough space to print your promotional message. 

Feather flags 

Feather flags are also trending these days due to their design and style. You will get them in a range of sizes from 5-15 ft. You can use these flags if you own a restaurant, café, or want to promote a farmer’s market or festivals. 

You may use these flags outdoors and indoors, but if you want some special brand symbol or text to include, consult with a custom flag printing company to get the best design and result. Remember feather flags are perfect marketing tools to boost brand awareness. 

Standard flags 

You can use standard flags for businesses, especially schools, food trucks, sports teams, and the like. Such flags come in two ft by three ft and even five ft by eight ft. These flags are the best way to highlight your business by including the name of the school or food business and of course, the logo. You cannot forget the logo because it is the symbol representing your business. People will know what your business is about by looking at the logo and tagline. 

Teardrop flags 

These flags come in the shape of teardrops and have a unique look to pique the attention of your potential customers. Though not as popular as feather or rectangle flags, they are suitable physical marketing tools for some businesses. 

You will get these flags between 6 ft and 10 ft. You can use these flags to highlight your logo, brand message, and promotions to grab customer attention. 

These flags stand out in crowded events and easy to read advertising materials. Many small businesses use teardrop flags because they are affordable than billboard advertising or mass email campaigns. 

Final thoughts 

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