The Benefits of Hiring a Small Business SEO Company

What do all digital-savvy small businesses have in common?

They all want their business websites to be on the first page of search engine results! About 70 percent of all online experiences start with a search engine, it’s easy to see why many businesses are obsessed with search engine optimization.

But, SEO isn’t a walk in the park. Getting to the first page of search results is no easy feat, but that’s not even the hard part. The big challenge is keeping your position on the first page.

It’s no wonder many are hiring a small business SEO company. Read on to learn the benefits of outsourcing search engine marketing to another company.

They Know What You’re Doing Wrong

If we’re being honest, not many businesses hire an SEO company from day one. Many business owners will wear the digital marketing hat for months or even years before eventually hiring SEO specialists.

As such, your business likely already has a website. Maybe you’ve run a couple of digital ads well. There’s some social media presence too.

Unless you’re an SEO expert, there’s a good chance you’ve made plenty of mistakes that are hurting your SEO efforts. The bad news is you don’t even know these mistakes!

When you hire a small business SEO company, they will start off with an audit of your business website. It won’t take them long to identify the mistakes you’ve been making. In fact, if there are local SEO companies in your area, they probably already know what you’re doing wrong. They are just waiting for you to hire them so they can go to work and fix those problems. If you want a clear example of an SEO company like this, check out these services from Linkflow.

They Know Your Audience More Than You Do

How well do you know your target market? Do you know how much your ideal customer earns? What are their hobbies and interests? Do they have political views? Do they own a pet? Do they use Facebook or Twitter?

There’s a lot to know about a target audience. Unfortunately, most small business owners only have a few pieces of information about their customers.

A small business SEO company knows a lot more about your audience. If you’re wondering how or why it’s because the customer is at the heart of any marketing strategy. These companies spend their time designing marketing campaigns, so they have lots of information about various consumers in your area.

A company that knows about your audience is more likely to run high-impact, targeted campaigns. There will be no more trial and error campaigns, which cost you marketing dollars unnecessarily.

You Get a Suite of Digital Marketing Services

When you hire a small business SEO company, you’re not just getting SEO services. These companies typically offer a wide range of allied marketing services, including web design and development, public relations, reputation management, and more.

Of course, the extra services won’t come free of charge if you need them. However, you’ve got a good chance of getting a good discount because you’re already a customer.

Even if you’re just after search marketing services, you could gain access to a suite of SEO tools you can use for your own benefit. For example, you could have access to keyword planners at no extra cost. Here’s an example of an SEO company that offers free access to Google’s keyword planning tool.

Stay on Top of Latest SEO Changes and Trends

The world of search is fast-paced. What worked yesterday might not work today.

Left to your own devices, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s changing and what’s staying the same as far as SEO is concerned. The consequence? You’ll keep making costly SEO mistakes.

Hiring an SEO company on an ongoing basis ensures your business stays on top of the latest SEO changes. If Google updates its algorithms, as it usually does, you can count on your SEO services provider to implement the necessary updates.

Get Specialized Industry Expertise

The basics of SEO are the same regardless of the industry, but some industries call for specific or custom SEO strategies. Marketing in the healthcare industry, for example, is heavily regulated, so the SEO strategy that will work for a barbershop might not work for a physician’s office.

Thankfully, with a reputable SEO company, you’ll get specialized industry expertise. You can either hire an SEO agency that specializes in working with health businesses or a general SEO company that offers custom services. Industry-specific SEO services help ensure your business doesn’t violate any advertising and marketing laws.

Gain an Edge Over Your Competitors

If you don’t feel compelled to hire an SEO company so far, then make the hire because your competitors probably already made this move.

There’s no doubt that a local SEO company will give your business a competitive edge. If your competitors aren’t already working with an SEO agency, consider yourself lucky. Hire an SEO agency right now and gain an advantage before they realize they need an SEO expert on their team as well.

But if your competitors are already working with an SEO company, the only way you’re going to catch up with them is by hiring an SEO expert of your own. If you hire a more competent and innovative SEO company, it won’t be long before you overtake them in search engine results.

Don’t Hesitate to Hire a Small Business SEO Company

If you’ve been hesitant to hire a small business SEO company, it’s likely because of the cost or you believed they wouldn’t bring any value to your business. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a lot your business stands to gain, from a better online presence to increased sales.

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