The 3 Best Things Seniors Can Do To Drive More Safely

Senior citizens rely on their cars just as much as anybody. Maybe even more because without use of their car they would really struggle. Unfortunately, many seniors are not able to continue driving as they are not able to do so safely. There are some that are a danger to themselves and others. 

However, there are some that may be unsure of themselves since they are older and have some issues. Those are the ones that can still drive safely as long as they can follow a few simple rules. In this article, we will go over some of the things that every senior that wants to drive should do to be able to continue driving safely. 

1 – Get checked by a doctor

You may have some issues that will prevent you from continuing to safely operate a car. The only way that you would know about them is to see a doctor to have a thorough checkup. This way, if anything is found that could pose a problem that you are able to have it taken care of before it becomes a bigger problem. 

You should have some blood work done to check under the hood, so to speak. This will show you if you are in danger of developing some form of illness that could not only impede your ability to drive a car but could also be something that will cause you to become sick and hospitalized.

It is also a good idea to get your vision and hearing checked out. If you already wear glasses, you may find that your eyeglass prescription is outdated and needs updating. Your hearing is also something that may be starting to fade without you realizing it. It could be that you need to get hearing aids to continue to drive safely. The best hearing aids are much better these days than they were in the past so they will help you stay aware of your surroundings.

2 – Use defensive driving techniques

Accidents are usually able to be avoided even when you are not the one that is responsible. The idea is to drive defensively so that you are able to prevent an accident from happening. Defensive driving utilizes many techniques to ensure you are prepared for just about anything. It’s about careful driving but much more than just that. 

The first thing to do is to never drive distracted. This means that you shouldn’t text and drive or otherwise use a phone while you are driving. The time you need to take your eyes off of the road to read a text and respond is enough to run off the road and into some pedestrians or smash into the car in front of you if they brake. 

This also goes for doing other things while driving. Eating and drinking are also distracted driving. If your hands are not on the wheel then you won’t be able to react in time if something happens around you. When a car cuts you off by taking a left in front of you then you won’t have time to react and will likely get into an accident that could have been avoided even though it would have been the driving of the other driver that caused it. 

3 – Embrace technology

There are a lot of devices that will help you drive more safely. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence new cars come with a lot of safety features that will help you drive. For instance, there is assisted braking that will apply the brakes if you don’t in time when the car sensors detect that a car in front of you has stopped. If you don’t react in time, it’s ok because the car will make sure the accident is avoided. 

These sensors work all around the car so they will also help you avoid merging into another lane if there is a car in your blind spot. They will also give you an alert if the car begins to drift if you are not paying attention momentarily or if you begin to fall asleep at the wheel. 

Lastly, most cars these days are equipped with reverse-view cameras that will help you when you are backing up. Since most accidents occur when you are in reverse this should help you avoid a fender bender or hitting a pedestrian. Park assist will also help those with issues with parallel parking which can also cause a fender bender. 


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