Tekmetric Shop Management System

What is Tekmetric’s Shop Management System

Tekmetrics is one of the fastest and most secure shop management systems available on the market today. It is a solution that has most of, if not all of the tools that you need in order to run your business efficiently.

One of the primary benefits that a shop owner sees with Tekmetrics is the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that you can view and monitor what is going on in your garage at a moments notice. This can definitely help bring peice of mind to a shop owner that has to travel from business, or multiple shops to look after.

If you have more then one shop then you are able to manage all of your shops from one place. Tekmetrics is capable of managing the tracking of inventory, checking out customers, compiling estimates, and even setting appointments. Not only that, they provide the security and data protection that you need in today’s world.

What Can Be Done With Tekmetrics Shop Management System?

When we say this has nearly everything that your shop needs to run efficiently, we mean you. You are able to schedule repair orders and create estimates, as they are needed. This can all be tracked directly from the job board.

For those shops that repeat many of the same jobs over and over again, you can create what are called canned jobs. With this, you can create a custom maintenance service job that can be repeated in the system. This helps you to save time and increase your efficiency.

Customer Interaction

You are also able to schedule appointments for your customers. Not only this, you will be able to schedule events and organize your production calendar. You will also have the ability to build customer profiles.

With this, you are able to view a customer’s repair history from previous orders. This also catalogs their pertinent information, such as vehicles used, contact info, and future appointments.

Another impressive feature is the ability to send out SMS or email messages to your customers with information on repair and order status. This makes for a more convenient approach to customer interaction, as they will always know the status of the vehicle.

You will also be able to print out your estimates and your customer’s invoices as needed, as well as any repair orders or inspections that need to be passed on to your technicians.

Individual Employee Profiles

With Tekmetrics you can also create individual profiles for each of your employees. This helps to track the work that has been completed by which employee, the total hours spent on a project, as well as who has had access to confidential shop and customer information.

The System is User-Friendly

One of the biggest pains in setting up a new system like this is learning it. That is why Tekmetric has been designed to be quick, reliable, and intuitive. There are also some additional integrations, such as CarFax.

If you would like, you would be able to opt into CarFax in order to obtain the history reports of the vehicles in your shop, allowing you to better understand the condition of the vehicle. This also helps you to build better and more accurate customer profiles, which in turn, helps you to provide a better customer experience.

PartsTech is also integrated into the Tekmetric shop management system, allowing for a more rapid and precise system of ordering desired parts. You will be able to have confidence that the part you are ordering is the part that you need. No more trial and error.

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