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She might have stated that the old Taylor Swift is no more, but this 28-year-old singer has garnered her own fortune by getting on the hoarding of America’s Richest Self Made Woman, as per the new issue of Forbes. Last year in 2017, Taylor Swift completely disappeared from the social media, deleting all of her posts for a time. But not before, she thrilled everyone with the launch of her new album, “Reputation”. Selling over 2 million copies in the opening week itself, Taylor Swift’s net worth in 2018 has been nearly $320 million. She is been ranked on No.60 in the Forbes issue just behind making her way after Oprah Winfrey and Sheryl Sandberg.

Taylor Swift net worth

Taylor Swift Net Worth Sources

  • When it comes to Taylor Swift’s net worth now, her all the released albums have been hit. Taylor’s source of income apart from her albums have been through brand endorsements as well as through live ticket sales and music tours.
  • Talking about fan bases, Taylor Swift ranks lower in comparison to Adele and Madonna, but she has put great efforts in the year 2016 in due association for brand partnerships and touring. The half of her paycheck made an estimated amount of nearly $80.5 million and $76.5 million respectively.
  • Her Album “1989” sold millions of copies where she got to acquire $250 million in the year 2015.
  • Her current album has been doing the rounds. The six-month tour of the promotion of her album “Reputation” which began in May 2018 has earned her $54 million through 5 concerts already.
  • Not only ticket, sales, but also, she has topped the Billboard charts where Taylor Swift sells merchandise tickets of nearly $17 per ticket in her shows.
  • Swift earned in huge in the year 2016, where she acquired the income of nearly $170 million from 2015-16 making her way to be among the world’s top-earning musician. In the same year itself, sources estimated that Taylor Swift nearly earns $1 million per day.
  • The year 2017 has been a silent year for Swift, through she brought nearly $44 million and got ranked 9th as the world’s highest celebrities in Forbes.
  • Barring the year 2018, Swift has acquired an estimated revenue of $5 million through record sales, $2.4 million through streaming and $2 million by publishing royalties.

Taylor Swift Net Worth Figures and Facts

Coming in comparison to the latest starts, Taylor Swift net worth is ranking the charts. In comparison to Rihanna whose net worth is $260 million, Swift is still leading the race. Even Justin Bieber’s net worth is $225 million which is lesser than that of Swift’s net worth. Lady Gaga’s net worth has been $275 million which is lesser than that of Taloy Swifts.

She has not yet reached the level of Elton John’s net worth which is $500 million. Jennifer Lopez has a net worth of nearly $400 million which is where Swift is giving a tough competition. As she was still a tour left for the promotion of her latest album which seems to cross Lopez’s net worth too. In comparison to Madonna, Taylor Swift is still far behind as Madonna’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million.

Taylor Swift Net Worth Through Music

Making her debut in 2016, Swift mastered the art of becoming a pop start within the numbered years. It is known that “1989” is her very official pop album.

Her albums, “Speak Now,” “Red,” “1989” and “Reputation” has sold more than 1 million copies during the 1st week itself. And Reputation is reaching selling more than 2 million copies which are regarded to be Swift’s best album.

Her five albums have been making an estimation of 33.11 million globally and 26.12 million in the U.S as per sources.

In the year 2012, Swift’s 4th album “Red” sold more than 1.21 million copies in the 1st week itself. By 2014, “1989” had been a huge hit ranking on the top list of Billboard.

Her album “Reputation” is the best among the lot. It is the No.1 debuting album with selling 1.2 million copies in the first week itself. Post the release of her album, she nearly earns $10 million per show.

Let’s take a small tour of the money she made through her albums

Taylor Swift net worth

  • In the year, 2006, she got her album “Taylor Swift” which earned nearly 5.52 million sales in the U.S
  • “Fearless” is her album in 2008 where she earned 6.95 million sales in the U.S
  • “Speak Now” was her album that released in the year, 2010 which acquired an estimated sale of about 4.5 million.
  • In the year, 2012, she embarked on releasing her album “Red” which acquired 4.13 million sales in U.S
  • In the year 2014, she released her very first pop album “1989” which acquired 02 million sales in the U.S

Her Music Tours

Her latest tour is in this year May, where it went for six months. The six-month tour of the promotion of her album “Reputation” which began in May 2018 has earned her $54 million through 5 concerts already.

In 2015, she took “The 1989 World Tour,” that was estimated to become her income of $250 million globally and $200 million from North America.

Coming to her previous tours, Swift acquired $150.2 million from ticket sales in the year 2013 and “Red Tour” in 2014. She earned $123 million for the album “Speak Now” in 2011 and 2012. Her “Fearless Tour in 2009 and 2010” earned her $63.7 million.

Final Words

Taylor Swift has been into partnership with the top-notch brands like Apple (APPL), CoverGirl (PG – Get Report), Coca-Cola, Keds, L.e.i Jeans and more. She also is in association with UPS (UPS – Get Report), Target (TGT – Get Report), and AT&T (T – Get Report) prefacing her “Reputation” drop. She lives life queen size and has acquired assets and properties of her own in different places and locations. No wonder, she says, “Baby I am a nightmare, dressed like a daydream.”

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