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You have probably read multiple Table Tennis review to decide which one you want to get, how, from where, and when, but you are just still as confused. Well, your search and hustle ends here. In this article you are going to learn all you need to, to get yourself a good, long lasting Table Tennis.

Table Tennis, also known as the Ping Pong or Whiff Whaff game, is among the most popular games played in the modern world, whether as a sport or just for fun. The game was first played in the UK in the 19th century and hasn’t stopped at anything. Today, more than just a recreational activity, it has been made an international sport.

Playing is simple, but not easy. Just like many other table games, it requires skills and strategies, and to some extent expertise. Basically, there are two players per gameplay, sometimes four. The two players, each stand at the opposite end of the table and hit the ball using small rackets across the table, over the little net.

More than just playing the game goes into the whole set up. This includes the table, the ball, the net, and all the accessories that come with it. It is also important to know that there are different brands and manufactures as well as different table tennis equipment.

Best Table Tennis Reviewed

Here are some of the best brands, rated high, at the top of the lists, as far as best game tables when it comes to table tennis for home use. Make sure to check out all their features to determine the one that fits you the most;

The JOOLA Tour 2500

This is one of the most popular brands and table tennis table of all times. It is also one of the most recommended and probably one of the few known to many. The table was made for indoor plays. It is affordable, of good quality, and has a long life. If you are looking to make a big, long term investment then JOOLA Tour 2500 might just be your go to.

Looking at the features and specifications, the table has 9×5 feet dimensions, a nice table surface which also comes in great thickness (1”), and remember, the thicker the better. The table folds up, if you would like to play or train on your own, as well as easy storage. It is also easy to move and transport with the eight caster wheels.

The best thing is that it has adjustable leg levelers so you need not worry about uneven floors, just level it up and get started with your game. The wheels also lock in place to give you a steady table for smooth gameplay. Overall, the table is great for home use, sport pre-training, and comes with a fair price.

STIGA Advantage Pro

If you are looking for a high quality game play, you just might want to take a look at the STIGA Advantage Pro. STIGA is one of the biggest manufacturers and brands when it comes to making sporting equipment and has never disappointed one time. They have many models which are loved by players.

The STIGA Advantage pro is a great quality investment for indoor recreational players. The table comes with a 19mm table top thickness and 9×5 feet in dimensions. It is also super easy to assemble, especially with the instructional guide. You can fold it according to convenience and level it up to uneven floors. The price is also great for the value.

Butterfly Centrefold 25

If you are looking to spend a little bit more, up your game, and go international, then the Butterfly Centerfold is your go to. This is one of the best Table Tennis, with all tournament and international sport qualities, that even professional players would be delighted to use.

The table comes 100% assembled so all you need to do is buckle up and get started. It has 108”x60”x30 in dimensions, 25mm tournament standard, and is made of a great material, resistant to scratch. If you are looking for a long lasting, professional, table tennis, then Butterfly Centrefold is your best choice.

The Different Types of Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis is not just one big table. It is a combination and set of multiple equipment and accessories that make it complete and suitable for use. Check out these very basic table tennis equipment below;

The Ball

Of course there has to be a ball. It is also one of the most basic equipment. It comes in different colours, weight, material, and sizes. While the size starts from 38mm, international teams and tournaments mostly use size 40mm.

Racket/ Paddle

The very next basic and most crucial equipment is the racket. This is the equipment used to hit the ball during gameplay. For table tennis, the rackets are usually smaller than those of long tennis. They also come in different materials, could be made of wood and rubber and have 2 parts i.e. the handle and the blade.

Table tennis table

This is the main equipment as the game takes place on it. The table could be wooden or metallic. It also comes in different sizes and players are able to choose whatever size they want. They are also different depending on the brand and the model. If you want to know more about the sizes of ping pong tables you may consider going to the nearest craftsman or sports shop where you can see an actual tables.

Net and Post

The game cannot be played without these two. You can get it with the table or purchase it separately. Should be a high-quality material (the net) for competitive gameplay and durability.

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