Symptoms And Causes Of Migraine

Just like a headache, migraine is another of the difficult complications that tend to cause a severe painful headache. Migraine pain might persist for hours and ever for several days. A migraine can be of different types. And it mainly varies from person to person. Statistics say that more than 60 percent of the people tend to suffer from migraine problem. This kind of a headache mainly begins with intense throbbing around one side or the area of the head. The very basic symptoms accompanied before a headache is mainly nausea, vomiting or even getting highly sensitive to light or sound.

Let’s delve into the other aspect, which might showcase the symptoms of Migraine.

Symptoms of Migraine

The symptoms of migraine mainly differ as per the type of migraine. There are mainly four types of stages of migraine. It is not necessary that you will undergo every step, it might vary from person to person.

Causes and symptoms of Migraine

The First Stage – Prodrome

Just before you are attacked with the sheer pain of migraine, maybe a day or two, you might be able to come across these migraine symptoms before the actual commencement of comfortless.

The symptoms include –

  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Irritability
  • Pain in the Neck
  • Constant Need Of Water and Urination
  • Food Cravings
  • Uncontrollable Yawning

The Second Stage – Aura

Aura is that type of migraine which might either occur during the pain or before migraine. It is mainly related to the wide range of neurological symptoms. This stage can mainly last from nearly 10 minutes to 1 hour. And this mainly occurs before a headache. You will mainly be coming across visual disturbances with zigzag vision or wavy vision.

At times you will be feeling different vibrations, touching sensations or there might be instances where you might feel that your muscles are getting weak.

Migraine symptoms and aura come together in people and it includes –

  • Different forms of visual vision that include a flash of light, bright spots
  • At times, you will feel darkness around you
  • Pinching sensations in your arms and calf muscles
  • Lethargy
  • Feeling of Numbers at one side of the body
  • Noises tend to irritate you
  • Speaking problem
  • All of a sudden jerking movements of your body or parts of your body

Above all the symptoms of a migraine, there might be another form of it which is known as limb weakness, where you will be facing acute pain in your limb. When it comes to sight shortness, it mainly occurs in the cortex area of the brain where you has different sorts of visual vision. Not only this, you might face mood swings, anxiety and fear at times. It does not happen much to children but if it does, it mainly comes with a headache. In the adults, it mainly occurs before a headache.

The Main Headache or The Attack Stage

Migraine symptoms mainly include a sheer headache which can last from 1 hour to even 72 hours, if left untreated. The headache throbbing varies from person to person. Some people suffer from a tightening pain while other face numbness. A headache mainly occurs from one side of the head and then the entire head. This occurs mainly during the beginning of the attack which is one of the main migraine symptoms at this stage.

During this period, you might face –

Pain on either side of the head or on both sides together
Throbbing sensation
Nausea and Vomiting
Pain in the back of your neck
Sensitive to light, touch, sound and vibration
Vision Blurring
At times feeling of being faint

Post-drome or Resolution

The last and the final migraine stage is post-drome. This mainly occurs after the attack. During this period, you will feel drained and tired. It might occur that for an entire day, you might feel –

  • Different Forms of Mood Swings
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion in conducting any sort of work
  • Sheer Weakness
  • And also sensitive to light and sound

Causes of Migraine

As per studies, the absolute cause of migraine is still unknown. But it is mainly concluded that it mainly occurs due to the abnormal activity of the brain for a temporary basis. This mainly affects the nerves of the brain as well as the blood vessels. It might even be possible that the genes of your body are boosting to be one of the causes of migraine as that of migraine trigger.

Causes and symptoms of Migraine

Migraine Trigger

When it comes to causes of migraine trigger there could be numerous possible aspects. This might include hormonal, emotional, physical as well as environmental aspects.

Hormonal Changes –

Hormonal changes mainly occur in women at too at an early age. Most of the women tend to suffer from migraine during the time of their period. This might be one of the possible migraine cause because there is a sheer change of hormones which is oestrogen, especially during this time.

The kind of migraine takes place mainly before one or two days of the period date. Many women tend to face this migraine pain during the time of period. This phenomenon is also known as pure menstrual migraine.

Foods –

Skipping your meals or fasting at a regular interval might be ones of the causes of migraine. At times, eating salty food or aged cheese can be one of the reasons for migraine pain.

Emotional Triggers –

There might be at times when you will be facing mood swings. There will be constant change in your mood and emotion. This mainly occurs in women most of the time. You will tend to feel stress, tension, anxiety, shock or might be even depression.

Physical Triggers –

Physical triggers are the same when you tend to feel physically stressed out. This might occurs where you are unable to sleep properly, poor posture, suffering from low blood sugar, neck or spine tension as well as jet lag. These could be another of the factors leading to migraine cause.

Environmental Triggers –

This means your surrounding changes can influence in becoming migraine causes. The conditions might occur where you will be highly sensitive to bright light, loud noises as well as strong smells. There might be conditions where changes in climate or temperatures might also influence the cause of migraine.

Drinks –

If you intake too much of alcohol, it might be one of the stated reasons that you will be feeling dizzy. Intake of high caffeinated drinks also influences the cause of migraine cause.

Medications –

There are certain types of medications which actually tend to be the cause of migraine pain. For instance, if you are having sleeping pills regularly and stop it all of a sudden, it might lead to being one of the causes of migraine pain.

When Should You Visit The Doctor –

If you are facing from migraine pain for a longer period, and even home remedies do not tend to work, it is better to seek the help of the doctor. There might be other major problems for which you might need medications for getting away from the sheer pain.

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