Surprising Reasons Behind The Worms In Mezcal

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Do you think it is weird to have worms in mezcal? If yes, then it’s time to know the full story behind this questionable drink. Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic drink made from a variety of the Avage. Several mezcal brands use whole larvae inside the bottle of mezcal to give it a distinctive flavor. The practice of adding worms to mezcal was started by Andres Paniagua and Jacobo Lozano. In this post, we will try to unearth some more interesting facts behind the best mezcal with worms.

Reasons Behind Adding Worms In Mezcal

How does it feel to you if you are about to knock back your drink, and suddenly a plumpy floating worm comes to your sight? However, it is not regarded as disgust for many drinkers. Many alcohol brands practice this for plenty of reasons. Why do they put worms in mezcal? Find below:

reason behind adding worm in mezcal

1: Worms In Mezcal  Add Flavor To The Drink

According to the worm-mezcal producers, the larvae add a distinctive flavor to the drink. The most common larvae in the drink are (gusano rojo) and maguey worms (chinicuil). As per the claims, these are the tastiest. Unlikely, most of the Mezcal producers use an alternative product to the worm. Others cure the worm in pure alcohol before bottling that suggests a different story.

2: It Gives The Power To The Drinker

It is a common belief that a drink can contain the power or essence of certain animals, which is taken by the drinker. This idea is not prevalent in Mexico, where mezcal with worms is majorly produced. However, this idea is alive in many parts of the globe. For instance, snake wine in Asia is used to cure impotence. Worms in mezcal are supposed to give the same results.

3: Grow Together, Harvested Together

Many Mezcal producers use the larvae of the Avage Snout Weevil. It is the pest that preys on the avage plant. Avage plant is the protagonist that is used to create mezcal and tequila. When the producers harvest the Avage, they also take their companion’s corpses to keep the bond untied. Is it so? Well, you can’t deny it in the same place.

Questions That A Beginner Might Ask?

If you have never tried this eccentric drink and planning to do so, below are some main questions that can cross your mind:

confusion about worms in mezcal

How To Drink Mezcal With Worm?

If you are a novice to the mezcal with worms yet accept the challenge to take this bold drink, stick to the following points:

  • Don’t order the most expensive stuff when you are not sure what you are drinking.
  • Mezcal with worms can be intensely smoky for some, gentle to others. It is the outcome of roasting avage in an underground pit. It is recommended that; try something that goes well down your throat instead of the smoky mezcal.
  • Don’t pour the drink in your throat at once. Instead of that, try to sip it using a shallow clay cup Jicarita.
  • Have your mezcal with the Worm Salt. Don’t know what it is? It is toasted and ground-up worms accompanied by salt and chilies served with the orange slices with mezcal.  

Should I Eat The Worms In Mezcal?

Worms in mezcal may look awful to some, not to all. Are you wondering if you will get high after eating mezcal worms? These worms come in red and white varieties and are edible. Surprisingly, the native Mexican used to cultivate the worms for food. Besides, they put it in mezcals to give it a unique flavor.

Is It A Traditional Practice To Put Worms In Mescals?

The practice of drowning worms in mescals is not ancient or traditional. It started in 1950 when a mescal maker discovers it as a potential marketing gimmick. When worms are added into the drink to add a special flavor, Jacobo Lozano Paez started putting it into the bottles to make his brand stand out in the crowd.

Apart from the marketing tactic, the worms in mezcal indicate that the bottle has enough alcohol content. If not, the worms can rot.

Which Worms Are Used In Making Of The Mescals?

There are several types of worms used in making of the drink as described in the below-given list:

mezcal worms


It is an edible caterpillar from either a moth or a butterfly. It comes in red and white colors. However, the red one is considered to be the tastier.

Avage Snout Weevil:

Avage Snout Weevil is a pest that preys on the avage, which is the main ingredient of many mescals. However, if your bottle has Avage Snout Weevil in it, it suggests that you are holding a cheaper product.


Chinicuil is another mezcal worm that can add up to the exotic taste of the drink.

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