Study Motivation: 5 Student Tips When You Are Exhausted

Study Motivation

Different strategies work for different people. What works for another person may not necessarily work for you. Sometimes it reaches a point that you feel demotivated that you can hardly read two pages of a textbook. Well, this is something that happens to many people. Waking up very early in the morning to study or when the sun is burning hot is not easy. If you don’t find the right kind of motivation, you will find yourself dragging behind – something that can significantly affect your final grades. Here are 5 study motivation tips for students when they are exhausted:

  • Change your study time

As mentioned earlier, different people use different strategies to succeed in life. When it comes to studying, you need to change your study timetable to align with your energy rhythm. You don’t have to follow what your friends and other students are doing.

For example, if you feel you are most productive during morning hours, then change your timetable to get the most out of it. It is true that you can’t allocate all your classwork to morning hours. The best way is to commit morning hours to study and afternoon hours to assignments.

  • Take a walk

Believe it or not, this is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to read when you are exhausted. When you have a lot of work to do and you feel exhausted, it is best to leave everything and take a walk outside. How will this change the situation?

First of all, walking has a way of refreshing your brain. It also helps in creating momentum in terms of productivity. Walking or exercising leads to the production of endorphins – chemicals that are responsible for mood improvement.

  • Focus on one task at a time

One of the things that get students exhausted easily is trying to do a lot of work within a short time. This is often brought about by a lack of preparedness. When your mind is crumped up with so many things, you are bound to lose focus because of the confusion surrounding your mind.

The best thing to do is to pick a single task and focus on it. It doesn’t matter how much you need to cover over a short period of time, choose and read one subject at a time.

  • Plan ahead

Planning ahead can really be a good way to motivate one to read. Most students fail to understand the importance of early preparations when it comes to studying. Knowing what you are supposed to read early gives some kind of intrinsic motivation. For example, try to always plan what you want to read the following day before you go to bed.

  • Get enough sleep

Sometimes exhaustion could be a result of a lack of adequate sleep. Although you might be having a lot of work that forces you to study overnight, you should ensure you get enough sleep.

Bottom line

Success doesn’t come on a silver platter. There’s no secret of passing exams that studying hard. There are many ways of keeping yourself motivated including listening to motivational songs for students.


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