Street Fighter 2 Slot: A Retro Game Reimagined

Street Fighter 2 slot is an interesting slot game that allows you to live through childhood favourite fighting game- Capcom Arcade Fighter in a slot. This game was developed by NetENT and is more like a conventional slot game based on the theme of the fighting game. It has five rows and five reels. You can start your bet in the game as low as 20 cents and can go as high as 700 dollars with your bet stake. The streetfighter gives away the prizes to the fighters who beat up their bosses. 

The best part about the game is that it will be loved by both the gamers and the slot players as this game allows you to choose a fighter that would battle it out for you on the reels. The fascinating thing about the graphics and the theme of the Street Fighter 2 Slot game is that it is extremely detail-oriented. The features of the older fighting game have been beautifully imbibed into the game make its essence similar to the previous fighting game. If you have played the Street Fighter Series, then you are going to be in awe of this game as you would know all the characters already and also the way the fight goes on. However, if you are not familiar with the Street Fighter Series, even then you can play this game because it comprises of astounding game mechanics that you will love. 

Fighters in the game

Though this is one of the most anticipated slot games, the way that it has been designed has so much more to offer that you will want to keep spinning the reels forever. The fighter characters that have been incorporated in the Street Fighter 2 slot game have different RTP rates and can be chosen by you for each fight. The player that you choose for you game also affects the volatility of the game. The fighters that you can choose from including Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile, who are the good guys; Blanka, E.Honda, Dhalsim, and Zangief who are the villains in the game. 

How it Works

 The game is played with five rows and five reels. It uses a set of clusters pay mechanics and other cascading symbols along with the fighters. With each win, you can trigger a chain of subsequent wins. Your chosen player appears on the left side of the screen whereas the other random opponent appears on the opposite side of the screen. The players have their own health bars that rise and fall as the fight proceeds. The game proceeds in rounds and a bonus is awarded at the end termination of each bout. The winning provides a number of spins with each bout. If you win the spins, then the opponent’s health bar drops and in case you lose the round, then your player’s health bar deteriorates. When the health bar of a player ends, that marks the end of a round in the game and awards the bonuses at the end of the round. With each high-value win, the wild gauge fills up, and when that gauge is completely full, you will unlock the wilds on your screen as per your chosen player. 

Car Smash Bonus

The car smash bonus as inspired from the original game wherein it increased the overall high score with offering award points is also adopted in the slot game. This feature in the slot game offers a bonus sum of 5x and 15x your original bet and is triggered when the player loses their round. 

 Beat the Boss Free Spins

When you win your round, this feature gets triggered. The process followed in the free games is similar to the base games where your player fights against an opponent. If you lose, the round is over, and if you win, you can play it once more with another opponent. The different bosses have a different multiplier like Balrog has 2x multiplier, Vega has 3x multiplier, Sagat has 5x multiplier, and M.Bison has 10x multiplier. 

Street Fighter 2 Slot Game Summary        

The Street Fighter 2 Slot Game is an excellent game with high quality graphics and complete entertainment. This is a medium volatility game with the return to player of average 96.06 percent. The game bet sizes are suitable for a huge audience and give an amazing experience for each play. The game reminisces the essence of the Street Fighter Series beautifully and provides unusual gameplay that is exceptionally outstanding for any regular slot game. If you are a gamer or a regular slot player, you can be sure to love this game for its exceptional graphics and amazing theme and gameplay. 

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