Stem Cell Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is common in premature babies and delayed stages of development is a communal indicator of cerebral palsy. Stem cell therapy is widely recognized as one of the most effective treatments for cerebral palsy and contributes to the development of motor skills & speech. Australian-born Flynn Rigby is one of such patients whose progress illustrate the success of stem cell therapy.

Born 16 weeks premature, the delays in the stages of development indicated the possibility of cerebral palsy which was soon confirmed by consulting doctors & specialists. The extensive research of the parents led them in the direction of stem cell therapy. The patient had spent the first 9 years of his life in meek muteness and was unable to utter a word. Development of speech was the initial expectation of the first stem cell therapy conducted on the patient.

Stem Cell Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

The patient underwent stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy at Stem Cell Treatment Now– Beike Biotechnology at Qingdao Hospital and as per expectations was successfully able to talk for the very first time. 3 years later, the patient came back for the second round of stem cell therapy and is presently on road to development.

Why did the patient choose Beike as a treatment option?

The success of the first round of stem cell therapy encouraged the patient to pursue with the treatment offered by Beike. Both the parents & the patient had established great hopes with the therapy and had shown great delight with the rapid rate of progress & the fruitful results of the therapy.

Did the patient raise treatment funds through fundraising?

The patient raised funds for both the treatments held in China & Thailand through fundraisers as their medical insurance doesn’t cover any such expenses. The patient joined The Developing Foundation which is a group for Australian families having a loved one with a brain injury. They were successfully able to raise $48,000 AUD and $30,000 AUD in two rounds of fundraising through raffles, auction nights, walks, and online fundraising.

How long did it take for the parents to see a difference in the patient?

The parents were able to see the changes within a matter of a few minutes and this includes improvement in concentration, language, eye contact, and motor skills development. The positive changes became evident the precise moment the patient finished the treatment and continues to progress fluently.

What is the current progress of the patient and what are the most prominent changes?

The progress of the patient has been consistent and prominent characteristics such as speech had improved significantly as a result of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy. He had also been able to create longer sentences and properly answer questions. The increase in concentration had improved the patient’s comprehension abilities and level of understanding. Besides this, characteristics such as writing, swimming abilities, and other major motor skills continue to evolve following stem cell therapy. These changes had helped the patient in progressing through school and everyday tasks more diligently. The sense of humor and social interaction had also shown tremendous positive changes after the treatment.

What are the patients’ plans for the future?

The patient is on the verge of primary school completion and plans to start high school in a year time. The consistent improvement in academic knowledge, independence, and social skills had helped him in his pursuit of being a functioning member of society. The patient plans to live a fulfilling prosperous life in the years ahead.

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