Reliable Kodi Sports Addons And Free Vpns To Use With Windows 10

Sports Addons And Free Vpns

Live streaming of sports is treading lately, and people access many online channels to view their favorite sporting events happening across the globe. For those who have installed Kodi on to their PCs or mobile devices, there are plenty of Kodi add-ons too now offering access to live sporting events. You can check the categories under Kodi add-ons like:

  • Kodi Football/Soccer add-ons
  • UFC Addons
  • NFL add-ons
  • Boxing Add-ons
  • WWE KodiAddons

In fact, there had been many crackdowns in terms of streaming illegally recently. ISPs block unauthorized user access to live sports streaming websites, which end up in causing some Kodi errors. However, there are many Kodi sports add-ons which can offer you the best sports viewing experience online, let’s explore.

1. SportsDevil

This add-on is one among the top of all Kodi add-ons for sports streaming. SportsDevil is an all-in-one sports platform, which keeps something for everyone. All the content is stored nicely under different categories. If you are a fan of sporting events, then check the install guide and install SportsDevil to enjoy unlimited sporting action.

2. WWE On Demand

If you are a wrestling fan, then you can use this add-on for exclusive WWE content. With on-demand WWE action, there is no better option than WWE on-demand. You can also get access to the replays of the past major events along with the most recent PPV blockbusters.

Top VPNs for Windows 10

People are always worried about ISPs collecting personal details of internet users. This is a reason why they largely rely on VPNs. When you are on a public WiFi or using a hotspot intent connection, it is advisable to use a VPN for safe browsing. Moreover, a VPN can also help you do anonymous browsing if you want to get access to geo-restricted content on the internet. Here are some top best free VPN for windows 10 to try.

TunnelBear VPN – A simple VPN platform without any complex installation needs. There are free as well as paid versions available.

Avira Phantom VPN – Anotherfree but strong VPN, offering a secured and encrypted access for anonymous internet use on Windows PC.

Globus Free VPN – This VPNcan mask your IP address and let you access the restricted content online. It features a VPS agent and also a browser.

Betternet VPN – Itis easy to use VPN software, which comes with one-click activation. Along with free, it features a paid version also with extra features. Along with PCs, the VPN may also work well on Smartphones without any subscription.

Let’s explore more Kodi sports add-on.

3. cCloud TV

This add-on is an all-in-one source of sports streaming. The users can access a lot of International content through this add-on. There is a country-specific channels list from which you can easily select the content.

4. Planet MMA

MMCA or UFC is the hottest events in sports with a large number of fan following across the globe. If you are a fan of this action, you may simply fall in love with the dedicated add-on Planet MMA. You can watch events like UFC Fight Night, Contender Series, Fight Night Live, the Ultimate Fighter Series, etc. on this channel.

5. USTVNow Plus

Being a top add-on for Kodi, USTVNow enables access to NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS and many other channels for sports. You can check the install guide for the instructions. Along with sports, there is also much other content available on it.

Some other top sport add-on choices to make for Kodi are Halow Live TV, Sportie, Bennu, Pro Sport, etc.


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