Some Tips How to Buy a Vacation Rental Property

The long-awaited summer for holidaymakers has come. Landlords have to work actively to earn more during the holiday season. Entrepreneurs who have managed to buy several properties will remain the winner. The process of buying rental premises in the summer does not stop. At a time when hotel prices are prohibitively high, the demand for rental real estate increases every year. To buy a vacation rental property and get a benefit, you need to listen to the recommendations of tourism professionals:

The location of the object

This is one of the most important conditions for successful rental housing. What to pay special attention to:

  • Proximity to the sea;
  • The presence of shopping malls, boutiques;
  • Development of transport infrastructure;
  • Having entertainment conditions for children.

Many tourists during the holiday try to improve their health, while others do not forget about their business. It is important for such holidaymakers that there are medical facilities and business centers nearby. Many nature lovers travel around the world. They prefer to live in forests, mountains, on river banks.

Do research

No one knows better than you what you need. Spend much time to find suitable housing options. Delve deeply into local real estate market issues. Contact local agencies. Find answers to your questions on the Internet.  Compare personal views with the ones you’ve received online.

Pay attention to safety. Learn about hurricanes and floods that have occurred in the area in recent years. Explore the conditions associated with transport infrastructure. Note the proximity of the location of the most common types of entertainment among tourists. Pay special attention to the criminal situation in the area. Don’t forget about the beautiful half of society. They can’t do without shopping.

Taking into account local laws

Before you purchase a property for rent, read the laws of the country or the city where you are going to buy a house. In some places, the right to do business will be required. In another case, you should obtain a rental license even for short-term rental. Do not forget about the requirements for compliance with security measures for holidaymakers and property owners.

Where can you get money?

Acquisition of real estate will require significant investment. There are many ways, but which one is right for you? Think about what to choose from:

  •  A regular loan is similar to a mortgage that a person receives in a bank institution to buy a primary home. You will be able to repay it within 15-30 years. The interest rate may be regulated or fixed;
  • Cash for such transactions is rarely used now, but sometimes it happens. 

You can invest home capital in the purchase of rental housing.

Treat investment as a business

If you want a property to bring you income for a long time, you should evaluate many factors. Before you decide to buy, do an analysis of income and expenses. How much they can meet your expectations. You need to keep in mind several types of payments:

  • Monthly mortgage payments;
  • Annual taxes and insurance payments;
  • Maintenance costs;
  • Payment for utilities;
  • The cost of replacing furniture;
  • Payment for legal and accounting services;
  • Paying for the property at a time when there are no guests there .

Only meticulous work on taking into account all these and other factors and hard work can bring success in such a complex activity as rental real estate.

Remember the size of your budget

Investments in real estate for rent should be weighted. Exorbitant loan payments cause stress. The entrepreneur is sometimes unable to pay for the services of a real estate manager. Therefore, it is always useful to weigh your financial capabilities before buying.

Real estate insurance

Accidents can happen to the dwelling. Therefore, it must be insured. Many tenants try to apply basic insurance of their own house to the rental property. It’s not always possible to do that. When you buy a home for rent, it becomes a business. Such an object should be insured separately.

Check the property before buying

It is good if the entrepreneur has an experienced person who can be entrusted with an expensive purchase. Ideally, it is better to see the property yourself to avoid misunderstandings in the future. You buy it to improve your own well-being. The profitability of rented housing is influenced by many nuances that need to be taken into account.

Attracting a real estate agent to work

If you are familiar with the locality and local laws, you can purchase rental housing yourself. Even so, you may have problems. What to say if you buy a property in an unfamiliar area. You definitely need to hire a real estate specialist from a local agency. Otherwise, the purchase can turn into a nightmare. Instead of dealing with the main business, you will have to solve the problems that are not typical for you.

Property management

Buying a home is only the first step to a successful business. You now have an important task to manage real estate. If you own one or more objects located in the same area, you will be able to solve all the issues yourself.  When objects are far away, you need competent assistants (like). Property management includes many responsibilities:

  • Maintenance;
  • Responding to queries;
  • Advertising services;
  • Work to deal with complaints and requests from guests;
  • Keeping the premises clean.

The rental manager always needs to deal with the issues of payment, booking of seats and reception of guests. 


Any business activity involves paying tax to the country where the real estate item is located. Each state has its own requirements. Some levy sales taxes along with rent, others require income tax. If these issues are not addressed at the beginning of business, there can be serious problems with local authorities.


We have considered important aspects of the acquisition of rental property. Ignoring some of them is fraught with trouble. The work of providing rental housing to tourists brings good profit. But it requires a deep and diverse mind from a man who has decided to devote himself to this difficult work. Even small misses can lead to significant losses.

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