Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2023, Career, and Controversies

snoop dogg while acceptance speech at hollywood walk of fame

Snoop Dogg is an OG legend of the rap world and started his rap career almost 28 years ago in the industry. His fans have always appreciated him for his consistency in not just music but also as an actor. With a 28-year-old job of rapping and acting, it is obvious that Snoop Dogg net worth is a humungous amount.

Apart from rapping and acting, Snoop has also tried his luck in entrepreneurship. So, with his resplendent personality and immense talent, he is nothing short of a global icon. Apart from his impressive career graph in Hollywood, Snoop has also worked on a song in the Bollywood movie Singh is King along with Akshay Kumar.

Apart from Akshay Kumar, Snoop has also worked with Indian rap artist Dr. Zeus. Snoop Dogg is particularly known for his habit of smoking marijuana, as he has often been seen doing so in public. He once mentioned in an interview that he had received his first joint from Tupac Shakur, whom the former also venerates as a mentor.

Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2023

Addressing the curiosity of fans about Snoop Dogg net worth, not only is it a whopping amount, but the figure also keeps increasing by leaps and bounds year-on-year. For instance, Snoop Dogg net worth in 2019 was $120 million.

However, in 2020, Snoop Dogg net worth increased to $130 million, an increase of $10 million within just 12 months!

Just the next year, Snoop Dogg net worth 2021 increased to $145 million.

However, his all time highest was 2022 when his net worth touched $165 million. Currently, in 2023, Snoop Dogg has a net worth of $150. While the amount reduced, the rapper doesn’t seem to stop growing.

snoop dogg net worth

Snoop Dogg childhood

Snoop pursued his schooling at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. However, his childhood was full of struggles. Because his father left when he was considerably young. It took a lot of work for his mother to manage the household with the income from menial jobs.

Do you know their hardships forced Snoop to work at a neighborhood store during high school. You would be surprised to learn that he used to wash utensils in a restaurant for extra earnings.

Snoop Dogg rap group

Coming back to Snoop Dogg and his rapping career, he belongs to the Crips gang of the rapping industry.

In case you don’t know what Crips gang means, there are two main umbrellas, i.e., crips and blood in rapping or street-style American singing.

Dogg’s birth name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, born on October 20, 1971. He belongs to Long Beach, California as that’s his birthplace.

While his mother did menial jobs to earn a living for the family, his father was a retired army personnel. He had also fought in the Vietnam War.

Dogg was only three months old when his parents separated. The name “Snoop” stuck with him back in his childhood.

It was because of a cartoon series which was also called Snoop. This is when his mother once mentioned that he had started resembling the cartoon.

Snoop Dogg’s talented family

While Snoop is nothing short of a global sensation, he is not the only firehouse of talent in his family.

Two of his cousins, Brandy and Ray J, are popular American singers. Not just them but also Sasha Banks, a renowned WWE professional, is Dogg’s cousin.

To continue naming his famous relatives later artist Nate Dogg is also related to him. Surprisingly, with age, Dogg has started referring to most younger artists as his nephew, and to himself as their uncle.

The dawn of Snoop Dogg career

Dogg started singing at the tender age of ten. He had also perfected playing the piano right in his childhood. He would often fill in as a pianist in his church choir.

Once in the sixth grade, he gradually started rapping. This is where the beginning of the glorious career began. Within a short period, Dogg became one of the brightest rap artists in Long Beach.

The World of Drugs

Tired of the lack of money and a life of deprivation, Dogg gradually began to slide into the world of drugs. It was during his involvement in drug peddling that he joined the crips gang. He even went to jail multiple times for petty crimes.

At 18, Dogg tried selling drugs to an undercover police officer. Needless to say, the police officer caught him immediately. This time he was jailed for a whole year. However, this was only the beginning of turmoil in his life.

He was once attacked by a rival gang member while he was in his own house. He had narrowly escaped the attack. This is when Snoop realized that his life had slid far too much in the dark.

snoop dogg net worth

Snoop Dogg career

Once Dogg escaped being shot by the rival gang, he uplifted himself from this big, bad world. This is when he also started to focus more on his music career. He also completed his studies and never returned to the dark world of drugs.

However, he always knew that music was the way forward for him. Hence, he bid adieu to academics and founded the group band “213” in 1991. 213 was the area code of his residence and hence the name.

This naming impressed the Indian band Divine so much that they have also made a rap out of their area code. Snoop Dogg had some of the best musicians in his group. Some of them were Nate Dogg, Warren G, and many more.

Warren G is also the stepbrother of the famous rapper Dr Dre. In no time, 213 started recording multiple mixtapes. Dogg once mentioned in an interview that when they initially started, Warren G would often share their tapes with Dr Dre. The feedback from the latter helped the group to perform better.

Dr Dre And Snoop Dogg

The first time Dr Dre heard Dogg, he was awestruck. This is because he had never heard something better than that ever before. He immediately contacted Warren G and asked if he could meet Dogg.

Surprisingly, Dogg’s enthusiasm and fervor for music have remained unchanged. He has the same energy in his raps that he had almost two decades ago.

So, once Warren G introduced Dr Dre to Snoop, Dr Dree invited Dogg to his studio. Eventually, both of them collaborated to compose music for a movie. This song is called “Deep Cover.” You can check it out on YouTube.

This song was such a hit that it sold millions of copies across the globe. The pair was loved by the millions of fans they had all around the world. Hence, they decided to start working together.

Around this time, Dr Dre was also working on his Chronic album. Dogg soon joined Dre on this album, and the two started creating some of the most massive hits of their respective careers.

This album exposed Dogg to being a lyricist apart from a rapper and singer. Once again, Chronic also became a super hit. This was when Dogg started grabbing the eyeballs of renowned personalities from Hollywood.

Dogg Being Signed By Death Row Records

Owing to his name spreading worldwide, Dogg was signed on by Death Row Records. The first album he launched under Death Row Records was “Doggy Style,” It was also an enormous hit.

This album also enjoyed the top position on Billboard for the longest time. This album also made him into the star that we see today.

Snoop Dogg controversy

While Snoop’s career was doing really well, he faced his first setback in a controversial street fight. He got into an argument with a random guy while walking the street. The argument aggressively turned, and the guy took out his gun to threaten Snoop.

Amidst the sudden display of aggression, Dogg’s security official, who was with him then, shot the person. This resulted in Snoop and his bodyguard being charged with homicide. Needless to say, American law on homicide is quite strict.

However, this is when Suge Knight was a blessing in Snoop’s life. Knight was the CEO of Death Row Records. Not only did he come to Dogg’s rescue, but he also bailed the latter out. The charges against the bail amount to $1 million, and Knight happily paid the amount.

Once out on bail, Dogg and his bodyguard underwent trial for the murder charges. However, both of them were eventually acquitted. The acquittal was given because the bodyguard had shot for self-security reasons.

Career milestones

Once acquitted, Dogg returned to his rapping career and gave it his best. He releases yet another album at this point. It was called “Doggfather.” From then till now, Dogg has always been in the limelight.

The rapper has only released more and more albums and mix tapes. Some of these are Sexual Eruption, Wild and Free, and Doggyland. All of his songs have performed extremely well and have sold millions of copies throughout the globe.

From this point, Dogg only soared to become a global icon. However, Dogg eventually moved out of Death Row Records. This is because he had some beef with Knight.

Dogg also claimed that he was being underpaid by Knight, which was severely unfair, considering how talented Dogg was!

However, both of them have had a frictional equation since then. Considering they are gangsters and are equally short-tempered, both have verbally attacked each other in front of the media.

Snoop Dogg and No Limit Records

After leaving Death Row Records, Dogg soon joined No Limit Records. This was when his career took an even shaper upward rise. After this, there was no looking back for Dogg as he kept releasing hit albums one after the other.

He is venerated by both old-school and new-school rappers. He is known around the world. His songs are famous even in India, and he is also sincerely respected by the Bollywood film industry.

So, if you have yet to hear his min blowing raps, it’s time you listen to some of them on YouTube.

Snoop Dogg and Tupac

Dogg has also collaborated with Tupac. Both of them have given some major blockbusters together. Some songs they create together are “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “Gangsta Party.”

However, the two of them also got into loggerheads with each other at one point in time. This was because Tupac was against East Coast, and Dogg had mentioned something in favor of the East Coast in one of his shows.

However, both of them showed flawless chemistry in all their songs. Their sheer talent is palpable from the views these songs enjoy on YouTube today!

However, the story behind the two of them parting ways for good is sad. Both of them had bumped into each other while traveling to Vegas. They happened to take the same flight.

However, as they were not speaking because of the East Coast issue, they did not acknowledge each other on the plane. This eventually proved to be the last time they met because Tupac was shot in a scuffle in Vegas after this.

snoop dogg looking dapper in his unique wacky avatar

Final Thoughts

One crazy fact about Snoop Dogg is that he hired a man to roll joints for him and his salary was in thousands of dollars. Crazy right? Snoop Dogg has several reasons to be infamous but there is a category of rap lovers who would die for his music.

He cracked up everyone during the Hollywood Walk Of Fame speech that became one of the most viral videos online. The way he said “last but not the least, I want to thank me…” and everyone cheered for him.


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