Slot games based on video games: Check out the list

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Slot games that are based on video games have changed considerably since way back when. Initially considered a cheap and cheerful spinoff, slot games based on video games are now more popular than ever- and it’s easy to see why.

Slot games that are based on video games prove gamblers that are also video game loves a new and exciting way to enjoy their favorite pastime. Being able to enjoy their favorite video game in a casino type environment provides gamblers with a thrill unlike no other. And because there is something for everyone, slot games that are based on video games are a gambler’s dream come true.

The only difference between slot games based on video games and the video games themselves is that gamblers actually stand a chance to walk away with huge winnings and real cash prizes. With these slot games, punters enjoy the opportunity to experience the connection between their beloved video games and the slot machine experience with every single spin.

And the slot games just keep getting better and better the more technology advances. Software developers work extremely hard to select the best video game scenes, characters, and music from all the best video games so that they are not only fun but also so that they can come with high payouts.

It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for, action, comedy or thriller, here are the best slot games based on video games for you to try out:

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is based on the popular Sega and PlayStation game that goes by the same name. The game is centered on Croft as she sets off on her adventures to recover lost artifacts. Through her journey, she encounters sinister characters from the Illuminati whom she must battle with until she succeeds.

When it was released, Tomb Raider was an instant hit. As a result, Paramount Pictures widely licensed the rights to the game and also turned it into a blockbuster movie starring movie star Angelina Jolie that helped to make the Franchise bigger than it already was.

To keep the success going, Microgaming also obtained a license that allowed it to produce the Tomb Raider slot. Perhaps the most outstanding thing about this 5 reel, 15-line game is that Angeline Jolie’s likeness is not included. Instead, fans will be treated to a more generic version of Croft.

Nonetheless, the slot game is still choke-full of high-quality graphics and a storyline you will love. According to Kate Kuber, editor at NJGamblingFun, ‘’another great alternative to Lara Croft: Tomb Raider would be another release from the franchise Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, which has even better graphics’’.


Iron Man’s unparalleled success is what may have revived Robert Downey Jnr’s success, but it is also what helped to spawn other beloved hits such as Captain America and the Avengers. The 2008 film release and the following video game developed for Playstation helped to elevate the franchise further.

Playtech, like many other developers, seeking to capitalize on the hit released a slot game a year later in 2009. This initial release paved the way for even more releases but the original release still offers gamblers lots of interesting gameplay to keep them occupied. New users will enjoy the expanding wilds, as well as the unique free spin bonuses.

The free spins allow Iron Man to shoot down incoming missiles so that the day can be saved. When Iron Man destroys a missile, it is turned into a win multiplier.


The Terminator movie franchise has been adapted to video games so many times that it is almost impossible to keep up with each release. The franchise has also enjoyed a number of video game releases that have either adapted the plot from the movie or told brand new stories altogether. Some of the video games have been excellent while others have been on the mediocre side thanks to unsatisfying gameplay mechanics and slapdash storytelling.

Microgaming is largely responsible for most Terminator slot games that have been released. One of the best ones thus far is based on Terminator II. This 5 reel 243-way slot games offer punters great character depictions and bonuses that they will like. The bonus round boosts the number of winning chances to 1024 and it also offers players symbols that transform into higher payouts.


Rocky is one of those classic video games that never disappoint no matter how many times you play it. Designed to please both boxing fans and lovers of the movie, Rocky is characterized by realistic game design and all the jabbing, hooking, and taunting a player would need to satisfy their virtual blood lust.

Another one of Playtech’s innovative games, The Rocky slot games followed the first 4 movies in the Rocky franchise. Fans of the movie will be treated to Rocky Balboa’s opponents that they have come to love such as Clubber Lang, Drago, and Creed.

The Rocky slot game also features video clips from the movie, which will be such a delight for anyone that loved the original motion picture. This is also a 5 reel, 25-line slot game. Players will have a ringside seat as Rocky battles his opponents. The bonus prize will depend on how well a player performs in the fight.

Final Thoughts

Video game loves can do so much more to elevate their love for the game than just engaging with their beloved characters on the big screen. Slot games that are based on video games have become increasingly popular these days and offer another great way for gamblers and video game lovers to do what they do best.

These slot games based on video games shared above are just a few of the many, many options that gamblers have to choose from these days. As technology continues to advance, it is expected that slot games will have nicer graphics, clearer audio, and a better player experience than what’s available now. As such, gamblers have lots to look forward to when it comes to slot games based on video games.



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