Signs She Secretly Wants You and Likes You a Lot

Are you perplexed with the signs the girl you like is showing you? Do you secretly wish to know if she likes you or not? Well, then it is time you start scrolling down! We have made a list of all the signs she secretly wants you but is hiding it. After you read through the article, you will be sure and know if approaching her will be worthwhile or not. Start scrolling down if you wish to know the signs, she is secretly attracted to you!

 Signs she secretly wants you

Women are not that easy to understand. However, with our signs she secretly wants you, it won’t be difficult at all! All the cues below are easy to understand, and they will fetch you the correct sign. So, start scrolling down to know the signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it:

 Always check out her body language

One of the significant signs she secretly wants you is to check out her body language. Through that, you can detect if she has feelings for you or not.

Have you seen her smiling at you often? Does she casually touch you across your arms? If you have your girl doing any of these, you can take this as a strong signal she is trying to give you an indication.

Also, if the girl likes you and touches your face often, it is evident that she likes you and has confidence in talking with you. Once you are sure, you can break the barrier by casually touching her yourself. However, always keep in mind that do this only if you are sure of the above indications. Otherwise, it might not be very respectful.

Signs she secretly wants you

Tries have eye contact with you often

As they say, ‘eyes are the mirror of a person’s heart.’ It is indeed true! So, always pay more attention to your girl’s eyes. If she looks at you in admiration or gazes at you, it is a clear indication that she likes you. Another among the signs she secretly wants you is that she steals her look when you look at her. And it will clearly show that she likes you.

If she tries her best to get your attention

Other signs she secretly has a crush on you is this one. You will notice her dress up, be conscious about her looks whenever you are around her. All these activities show that she likes you and wants to grab your attention. Also, she might indulge in some activities you enjoy doing and will appreciate her. It will give clear signs secretly wants you.

When you see, she is laughing at your lame jokes

If you find your girl laughing at your lamest jokes, then you can be sure she has feelings for you. It clearly indicates how much she loves you and how much she finds you adorable. It is her way of giving your signs she secretly wants you. So, don’t miss out on this sign when you want to know if she likes you or not.

When she tells you she is jealous or shows signs

Jealousy is an emotion that no one can hide. If you want to know signs, she secretly wants you; then this is a significant one. When you find your girl getting angry when you talk to another girl or do not like her friends dancing with you, you can be sure it is a clear indication she likes you. However, it is always best you do not do anything intentionally to make her feel jealous. If you casually do things and notice her not liking it, you can be sure she has feelings for you.

If you find her to be curious about everything

At times one of the signs she secretly wants you is this one. You will notice her enquire about every tiny detail. She will want to know about your whereabouts, if you like someone or not, and much more. Moreover, you will notice her not getting bored talking to you. So, if you wish to know signs she is secretly attracted to you, then is the way!

If you find her changing plans that you make

The girl you like will make alternations in her current plan because of you. That’s because she is willing to spend more time with you. Also, it shows clearly that she has no problems changing her files for you. It is a clear sign that she likes you and you are her priority. Plus, you must also check if she is more inclined towards going out or making plans alone with you.

Signs she secretly wants you

Look closely into her pupils

Eye contact is indeed a clear indication that she secretly wants you. Another thing you must notice is her pupils. If you find her eyes to dilate or if she is staring at you, take that as an indication. It is commonly seen that girls look away when you are looking at her. All of these indications are because she is shy and is not yet ready to show her true feelings.

If you find her playing with her hair often

Go above her eyes, and you will find more indications. If she plays with her hair continuously while looking at you, it is a clear indication she likes you. She is fidgeting with her curls because she wants to grab your attention. Moreover, she is sending you a sign that she is secretly in love with you.

If she is noticing your moves

It might not mean real intention, but she may subconsciously want to know more about your moves. Also, she may want to more about your habits and even words. You may find her picking up your ‘lingo’ and also using your words quite often. Apart from you, even your colleagues will get to know how much you have an inclination towards her.

If she texts you while she is drunk

This is a clear indication, and among the signs, she secretly wants you over texts. She might want to have a chat with you or tell you her problems when she is drunk. At that moment, you might find her to be adorable, or you might lose your temper. But all that she wants from you is to talk. She will want to vent out her sorrows to you. And you can be sure it is a clear sign she likes you and cannot take you off her mind.

If she is talking to other people about you continuously

If you find other people saying that your girl is talking to them about you, be sure it is a clear sign. They are also aware that she likes you and she is extremely fond of you. Also, you may notice her friends changing their expressions when you are in front. It is a clear way of knowing that the girl you admire is into you already.

If looks for an excuse to fight with you

Are you surprised how this has made it to the list of signs she secretly wants you? Well, many times, it is seen that some girls look for an excuse to fight only to stay close to the person they like. It does not mean that when she is in denial, she does not like you. If she at all did not have feelings for you, she would not bother to argue with you.

If you find her always present for all your wants and requirements

It can be a piece of small or big news, but you may find her to look for ways to be beside you. You can have a big achievement or a big one, but you will always find her encouraging you. It is a clear way that shows she likes you and wishes the best for you. So, if you are looking for ways she secretly loves, don’t ignore this one.

She tells you about all her incidents

If you are finding your girl telling you everything, irrespective of it being a small or big incident, then be sure it is a clear sign she likes. She is giving priority to you and keeping you above everyone else. If a girl wants only your company, you can take it to develop feelings for her.

If you find her getting upset over minute things

Since girls are emotional and they bear a lot in their minds, you might not understand everything you see. At times you might wonder why does she seem upset or what did you do to upset her. These questions might play on your mind. But don’t casually brush them off your shoulders. It is a clear indication that your girl is possessive and emotional. She prioritizes your words, and certain things upset her.

If she involves herself in your life completely

You may notice that slowly and gradually, your girl involves herself in your life. It can be what you are wearing or where you are going, or even a decision you are taking. If you find your girl involving herself in your life, guiding and helping you, you can be sure it is a clear indication she likes you. She involves herself because she wants to be with you through every aspect of your life.

If you find her getting nervous when she is around you

You may find some girls being absolutely outspoken and curious. But on the other hand, there are girls who might absolutely shy. She may tremble, sweat, or even bite her lips while talking to you. You may even notice her getting a little stiff while she finds you around her. Also, if you accidentally touch her hands, you may find her sweating. So, notice these signs as it tells you secretly, she wants you.

If you are the first person, she runs for help

It does not matter how open or outspoken a girl maybe. If a girl likes a guy, she will always run to him. He will be the first person she will take help from. So, if your girl has put everyone else in the back seat and gone to you, be sure she likes you. Take this indication as a strong sign she has feelings for you.

If she tries flirting with you

If she is shy, then she may not do it in front of your friends or her friends. However, if she secretly tries to flirt with you, then be sure she is trying to grab your attention. Plus, she is also telling you she likes you. It is possible that your girl might be more comfortable flirting with you over text rather than doing it in person. Search for these signs, and we are sure you will get a positive response.

how to find out if she likes you

If she is concerned about you

If you may show her that you don’t care, but she will be concerned about you constantly. However, your best friend might also worry about you this much. But if she shows other signs, including this, you can be sure it signs of love and hidden feelings.

If you find her worrying about you too much

If the girl you like also has feelings for you, she will be concerned about your opinions. She will want to know what you do about her deeds and many other things. Also, she will be concerned about what she tells you or others. So, your opinion matters to her tremendously. Please take this as a serious indication and be sure she likes you.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog that tells you signs she secretly wants you, we hope that catching the cues should not be difficult for you. Check out the hints and see if you notice her doing them. Once you are absolutely sure, you can approach her with a proposal. However, all these signs can implement close friendship as well. So, follow the signs well and only then approach your girl. At times, you may think that waiting is the best option. But some women like to push it further and wait until you approach. So, check out the signs and propose to her before it’s too late!

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