Signs A Girl Likes You: Let’s Try To Read Her Mind

How To Know When A Girl Likes You

So many of you have stumbled on this post to confirm if the feelings you are having for a girl, is mutual or just one sided. To clear such confusions, the best way is to analyze your situation and to act appropriately. This post is framed to get you guys at ease, by disclosing the secrets of a girl’s true emotions for you. So read on about -> Signs a girl likes you to make sure that you are not the only one longing for her 😉 😉

How To Know When A Girl Likes You

Signs That A Girl Likes You By Her Body Language:

Signs She Likes You By Her Body Language

  1. The best sign given by a girl is through her hair, if you notice her running her fingers through her hair slowly, or continuously tossing and flipping them. If she carries on with such gestures, she is surely trying to hit on you. In case she gives some serious fast strokes through her hair that means she isn’t getting comfortable in the present situations therefore you need to get her at ease.
  2. When a girl strokes the edges of her glass or plays with her collars, it means she is trying to draw your attention towards you.
  3. She can also try to draw your attention by smoothing her pants.

Signs She Likes You Through Her Facial Expressions:

Signs She Likes You Through Her Facial Expressions

  1. Her eyebrows! They can give you a clear indication of what is running in her mind.In case you see her eyebrows being lifted aided with a smile and simultaneously nods at whatever you tell her, this can be a clear sign of she being interested in you.
  2. Her lips, even is doesn’t speaks, can tell a whole lot about her emotions. In case she continuously fiddles with her lips while talking you then she is surely listening to you with all due respect and curiosity.
  3. Her repeated attempts of making an eye contact with you can also be an indication that she is wanting more attention from your side, and can be wanting you to approach her in case you both are rooms apart.
  4. Her overall face expressions can be the best medium to give a detailed outlook of her deep buried emotions. If the girl is interested in you, her facial expressions would be full of amazement. No matter what you say, she will always give you a thumbs up by her expressions.

Signs A Girl Likes You By Her Gestures & Positions:

Signs A Girl Likes You By Her Gestures & Positions

  1. Her hands, shouldn’t be crossed! Watch out for those crossed arms! Once her arms get crossed and she sits back, that means she isn’t interested in continuing the ongoing conversation, therefore you need to change your plans and give it a bunch of exciting twists. Instead of continuing with the conversation, you can ask the girl to describe her favorite aspects of life that is how you can make her truly indulged in your conversation you initiated.
  2. Her position makes a huge difference. In case the girl lean towards you, that means she is interested in going on with the flow, in case she leans back, by doing this she would try her best to avoid you! Therefore make her feel as an integral part of your conversation.
  3. The proximity with you, well outlines her emotions. In case she walks with you while holding your hands, or just tries to be really cozy with you, can serve as a bonus, she gets close as she is interested in you as well as trusts you.

Signs A Girl Likes You By The Way She Talks To You:

Signs A Girl Likes You By The Way She Talks To You

  1. Most of the times women are considered to be interested when they talk politely. It’s high time to bust this myth. It is very obvious that nobody likes to talk to a person who is extremely rude and arrogant, therefore women tend to talk politely. However they are misunderstood to be interested the truth is a woman who would be interested would try to spend the maximum time with you. She can ask you to walk her to her home or maybe just to her car. Even a few seconds spent with you values a lot to her a lot.
  2. A woman rarely speaks her mind out, but is she is really interested in you, she can give you a number of complex signals, instead of being straightforward.
  3. A girl who likes you, would like to spend time with you all alone. It’s normal that you people gather in a group along with a bunch of friends, however if she insists on having some quality time only with you that is a clear indication that he is very much interested in you.

So these were the best indications a girl can give you to make you aware of her hidden feelings. We hope you liked this post and learn what you wanted to know.

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