Should You Use Artificial Urine Kits to Pass a Drug Test? 

Artificial Urine Kits

While you may feel it like invading your privacy, drug testing has become a standard hiring practice in many organizations. So, when you are applying for jobs, you might worry about marijuana affecting your scope of employment. Have an upcoming drug test? It is likely that you will need to provide your urine sample. While we do not recommend cheating the drug test, there are ways that can help you fake real urine and pass the screening effectively and safely. Lets find out the answer to this Should You Use Artificial Urine Kits to Pass a Drug Test?  

But can you really cheat a urine drug test? According to Hire Right, urine tests for drug detection can be easily manipulated through adulteration, dilution, and substitution. Furthermore, the process of collecting urine samples is not observed, and this gives an opportunity for test takers to easily manipulate it. Urine test also fails to detect long-term drug use. It often does not provide accurate results and therefore, this form of drug testing is not always reliable. 

What is an Artificial Urine Kit? 

Using a urine kit is one such method of passing the drug test by mimicking your real urine with artificial urine that is free of drugs and toxins. When you have an upcoming drug test lined up soon, there is no time to flush out the drug naturally. In fact, drug metabolites and toxins can remain in your bloodstream and urine for several days, making it easier to get detected in a drug test. 

This is where synthetic urine kits can come handy, providing you all the tools to fake real human urine with artificial urine. But are urine kits effective to help pass the drug test? What are the pros and cons of synthetic urine that you should know before buying? These are some obvious questions that will come to your mind when considering using a urine kit. Read on to learn whether you should use a fake urine kit to pass a drug test. 

Advantages of Urine Kits 

Urine kits contain artificial urine – in liquid or powdered form – that substitutes your contaminated urine during a drug screening. Here’s why you should consider using a urine kit: 

  • Use Urine Kit When Testing for Drugs in a Short Notice 

Artificial urine kits are ideal options when you need to take a drug test in a short notice. In this case, you do not have much time to cleanse your body because even detoxifying supplements take time to completely eliminate or mask even the last trace of toxic metabolites. Why take the risk when you can buy a urine kit, prepare fake urine in minutes, and strap it onto your body when you go for the drug test!

  • Artificial Urine is as Good as the Real One 

When you buy a good quality and reliable urine kit, they have the same properties and characteristics as natural urine. This not only refers to physical characteristics like odor or look, but also other properties such as acidity, density, specific gravity, etc. When worn 1 hour before the drug test, the urine kit helps achieve optimal temperature that mimics real human urine. 

Good kits come with a heat-retaining container that helps maintain the temperature until the test is done. A temperature strip helps monitor the urine’s temperature and lets you know the right time to take the test. 

Disadvantages of an Artificial Urine Kit 

While there are no potential limitations of using an artificial urine kit, you need to be careful when mixing the compounds – especially when the urine comes in powdered form. Even the smallest variation in the specimen or dissimilarity in temperature can raise the flags for drug testers. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions carefully. And not to forget if you fail to hide the device, it can land you up to serious problems.   

What does a Urine Kit Include? 

Depending on the product you buy, a urine kit typically comprises a belt, a heating pad, a flask or heat-retaining container, and a temperature strip. The heating pad is worn around the body with the use of the belt and helps the fake urine to warm up and retain the temperature of your body. It is important for the pads to touch your skin and therefore, must be placed very close to your body. 

The temperature strip helps monitor whether the required temperature is reached before taking the test. The kits have a small flask to hold the urine and retain the heat at the required levels. It also allows the urine to let out at an appropriate pressure to avoid suspicion at the time of testing.

These are the primary components of an artificial urine kit, but may also include other accessories like a fake ding dong. Check out the best urine kits at. At Monkey Whizz, you can explore to understand what essentials the kit should have to be effective in passing a drug test.   

How to Choose the Right Fake Urine Kit? 

Buying the right fake urine kit is important because it depends on your likelihood of passing or failing a drug test. Make sure you do extensive research to find a brand that is popular and reliable, have positive customer reviews, and is pocket-friendly. However, one of the most important factors to consider is whether the counterfeit urine is as good as real human urine. 

Some synthetic urine will lack key markers like the right temperature, pH balance, and creatinine level – landing you to potential troubles. Therefore, before you buy, check what the urine kit includes. A good kit will have all the components like uric acid, creatinine, heating pad, etc. to mimic real urine. Also, it is important to determine whether you are comfortable using liquid urine or powdered urine. While you’d need to appropriately mix powdered urine to prepare it for the test, it has a longer shelf life than liquid urine. 

Buying an Artificial Urine Kit – Key Takeaways 

If you want to beat a urine drug test, the best way is to abstain from taking marijuana or drugs several weeks before taking the test. However, for a short notice, a fake urine kit can be the best bet. It can cost from a few bucks to several hundred dollars, ensuring the best value for your time and money. 

Depending on the product you buy, a urine kit typically comprises a belt, a heating pad, a flask or heat-retaining container, and a temperature strip


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