30 Dirtiest of Dirty sexy chat up lines!

sexy chat up lines

These sexy chat up lines are out-and-out dirty and are known to set you on fire. Yeah pal, call the fire brigade, coz you’ll be hosing it down. If you play your cards correctly and are able to keep your cool, you might just be hitting the Jackpot endlessly with these sexy chat up lines.

sexy chat up lines

Table of Contents

Sexy Chat Up Lines-

  1. You’re like my little toe, coz I’m going to bang you on each and every piece of furniture in my house.
  2. I think you are a drill sergeant? Coz you got my privates standing at attention.
  3. Are you a concrete mixer? Coz you’re making me hard.
  4. If you are feeling down, I could feel you up.
  5. I think your legs are made of Nutella? Coz I would love to spread them!
  6. There would be only be 7 planets left after I obliterate Uranus.
  7. I’m not a weather man, but you should expect over a few inches tonight.
  8. I guess you work at Subway? Coz you just gave me a footlong.
  9. I might not go down in history; however I’ll go down on you.
  10. That outfit is quite becoming on you. If I were on you, I’d be coming too.
  11. You work for UPS? I swear I saw you checking my package.
  12. Do you like dragons? Coz I am gonna dragon my balls all over your face tonight.
  13. It’s time I told you what everyone is saying behind your back— “Nice ass!”
  14. I am not a windshield repairman; however I can fill your crack.
  15. Playing doctor is for children! Why don’t we play gynecologist.
  16. I think you are a termite? Coz you’re gonna have a mouth full of wood.
  17. You run track? Coz I hear that you Relay want this dick.
  18. Do you come from the ghetto? Coz I’m getting ready to ghetto hold of dat ass.
  19. Wanna know what I like the most in a girl? My dick.
  20. You a doctor? Coz you cured my erectile dysfunction.
  21. Your legs feel like an Oreo Cookie – I am gonna split them in the middle and eat the good stuff.
  22. I lost my virginity. Could I have yours?
  23. Your boobs make me think of Mount Rushmore – my face should be between them.
  24. Baby, you just made my two by two into a four by four.
  25. Are you starving? Coz omelet you suck this dick.
  26. Can you please allow me to read your t-shirt in Braille?
  27. You are like homework? Coz I’m not doing you but I certainly should be.
  28. If you were an archaeologist, coz I’ve a bone for you to observe.
  29. I can give you a nickel if you’ll tickle my pickle.
  30. You are really selfish! You are going to have that ass for the rest of your life and I want it for just one night.


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