Scottie Pippen Wife Larsa: Things You Should Know

Here is the run-through on Scottie Pippen Wife, Larsa:

Born: July 6, 1974
Age:  42
Nationality:  American, Syrian
Height:  5 feet 2 inches
Married Scottie in 1997
Children: The two have three four children together, named Justin Pippen, Scotty Pippen Jr., Sophia Pippen, Preston Pippen

Scottie Pippen got married to Karen McCollum in the year 1988, though the marriage didn’t last long. They took divorce in the year 1995 after having a baby. Soon after getting over Karen McCollum, Scottie started dating Larsa Younan, who was a well-known television personality and an American model. In the year 1997, they got married and became the parents of three kids. Scottie field an application for divorce with the spouse Larsa Younan in the year 2016, however, the reason behind this still remains unrevealed.

Scottie Pippen Wife, Larsa looks stunning… whether she is in a swimsuit or wrapped in adornments. This little fashionista loves taking selfies in her giant walk-in closet.

Below are Things you should know about Scottie Pippen Wife Larsa

Larsa is a style icon

 Scottie Pippen Wife #2

With the style she has, it’s nothing unexpected Larsa has an enthusiasm for fashion. She has a page on her site dedicated to fashion tips… Scottie Pippen Wife, Larsa even imparts fashion tips to the celebrity on the following page.

Scottie Pippen Wife #2.1.

Larsa and Kim Kardashian are BFFs

Scottie Pippen Wife #3

The truth is out; Scottie Pippen’s wife, Larsa and Kim Kardashian these two marvels are incredible companions. You can see these two flawless women together at each occasion… incorporating the enormous occasion.

Scottie Pippen Wife #3.1

Larsa attended Kim and Kanye Wedding

Scottie Pippen Wife #4

Yup, that is the thing that Larsa wore to the “KimYe” wedding (above)… and obviously that is the thing that Kim wore (beneath).

Scottie Pippen Wife #4.1

Larsa and Scottie are very generous and kind

 Scottie Pippen Wife #1.jpg

This may appear normal in most circumstances from celebrity couples, however Scottie Pippen Wife, Larsa is actually involved. She leads the Pippen Foundation which does fundraising for different kids’ philanthropies… Larsa is also a member from the Committee for “An Evening with the Chicago Bulls.”

She learnt Acting at the Piven Theater

Scottie Pippen Wife #5Larsa studied acting at the very well known Piven Theater Workshop… which is owned by (awesome actor) Jeremy Piven’s family. Her acting skills came in handy.

Scottie Pippen Wife #5.1

Larsa and Scottie Married for 18 Years

Scottie Pippen Wife #6.1It’s surprising to see celebrity couples together this long, heck… even 5 years is long for celebs. Look at these vintage photographs from Scottie and Larsa’s wedding trip!

Scottie Pippen Wife #6.1

Larsa and Scottie have 4 Kids Together

Scottie Pippen Wife #7.1

These two lovebirds have 4 astounding children together, 3 young men and 1 young lady. Scottie Pippen Wife, Larsa must be some kind of super mother juggling every one of the requests of celeb existence with being a mother for 4 kids. What’s more amazing is how good she looks for having 4 kids…

Scottie Pippen Wife #7.2

Larsa was in The Real Housewives of Miami

Scottie Pippen Wife #8

Larsa got an opportunity to execute her acting abilities when she was cast in The Real Housewives of Miami, Season 1. Obviously they’re all acting; those shows aren’t “reality TV… I don’t care what anybody says.

Scottie Pippen Wife #8.1

Larsa is a Fitness Junkie

Scottie Pippen Wife #9What does Scottie Pippen Wife, Larsa look like so great? She invests her tim in gym! Larsa even offers workout tips on her blog, so now you have no reason to not look in the same class as she does.

Scottie Pippen Wife #9.1

Larsa Holds a Degree in Political Science

Scottie Pippen Wife #10

There’s more than only magnificence to this brunette, I see why Scottie put a ring on it.

Scottie Pippen Wife #10.1

Above are our 10 facts about Scottie Pippen Wife, Larsa Pippen… Hope you gained something new.

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