Safest Payment Methods on Casinos Online

There are a number of things that you should take into consideration when choosing payment methods on casinos site or make deposits and withdrawals. While things line convenience, accessibility and ease of use tend to top people’s list of priorities, one thing that is often overlooked is security. People who use this site are often surprised at the number of stories that we hear of deposits and withdrawals that have gone wrong, so to help you find the safest and most reliable ways of moving your funds, we have put together this informative article. Thank us in advance!

1. Debit Card

The most popular and still arguably the most secure payment methods on casinos site for moving money into and out of your online casino account is by debit card. While credit card casinos in the UK are dwindling due to new regulations that have been brought in to help problem gamblers, debit card deposits and withdrawals are still widely supported by the vast majority of online casino sites.

2. Bank Transfer

Sending money by bank transfer tends to take a bit longer than when using a debit card, but the security payoff is at least as good. You will simply need to link up your casino account with your bank account using your account number and sort code before sending money to your casino via your online banking account. Since no third party is involved in the transaction, bank transfers are considered to be the safest way of moving money to and from your online casino balance.

3. PayPal

The best-known e-wallet out there today is undoubtedly PayPal. It has gained a deserved reputation for providing a safe, secure and instantaneous means of getting money from one place to another. Almost all online casino sites support PayPal transfers today, so it is just a case of setting up an account and linking your existing PayPal account.

4. E-wallet Payments

There are a number of new e-wallet services, such as Neteller and Skrill that have emerged as contenders to PayPal in the last couple of years. These services all offer something slightly different and are accepted by all the major online casino operators these days. They are easy to set up and use, allowing for transfers that are completed instantly and securely.

6. Cryptocurrencies

If you already hold cryptocurrencies, you may be excited to learn that there are now a variety of online gambling providers that have been set up especially for people who want to gamble with bitcoin, ether and other cryptos. A growing number of mainstream sites are planning to roll out new cryptocurrency deposit functions soon. You can find more details on the latest developments in crypto at tradingview litecoin.


Even though they are slow, bank transfers are considered to be the safest way of transferring money to and from your online casino balance. But that is not to say that other methods are unsafe to use. We simply advise that you take your time to use a service with a good reputation for security.

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