Top 10 Robotic Pool Cleaner on Market in 2019

Choosing the best robotic pool cleaner in the market in 2019 is not an easy task considering there is a number of varieties already available. Fortunately, the below guide will ease your burden and help you choose an option that perfectly meets your swimming pool needs and therefore make your entire cleaning process easier.

Robotic Pool Cleaner on Market

This guide consists of a variety of options such as in-ground and above ground options, suitable for small as well as large pools. You will also get the one that impressively fits into your budget. Furthermore, users who have already used them highly recommend them.

Things to consider when choosing the best robotic pool cleaner

Owning a pool is amazing. However, this comes with a great task of maintaining it. Every pool owner will not hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure their pools look clean and in perfect condition for swimming or just beautification. For you to get the best robotic pool cleaner, there are certain things you will have to put into consideration.

First of all, you cannot generalize all pools because different pools have different standards and needs. On the other hand, there are different types of robotic pool cleaners and they all come with their own pros and cons. As a result, there are certain features of a pool cleaner that may be of importance to your pool than others. With this in mind, you will be able to choose a pool cleaner that is most suitable for you. Below are things you should put into consideration when buying a robotic pool cleaner;

How dirty can your pool get?

Just the way people have different personalities is the same case people’s pools can be dirty at different levels. There are some people who are clean and organized but there some who are just untidy and irresponsible. So, among these two, who uses your pool often? What is the nature of your environment? The answers to these questions will enable you to choose the right robotic pool cleaner. Stagnant waters have a habit of encouraging strange creatures to your pool such as frogs, algae and water lilies among others. In such a case, it would be wise to get a robotic pool cleaner that is able to handle algae, debris, leaves and all the dirt you are most likely to come across in your pool.

Vacuum pressure

No one wants to start cleaning and even before you reach halfway, the steam suddenly goes out. This can be frustrating. There are certain robot cleaners that end up losing their pressure when the filter bag is full. Henceforth, ensure you choose a robotic cleaner that has the ability to keep its vacuum pressure throughout the cleaning process.

The size of the filter

This is very crucial when investing in a pool cleaner that will serve you well. A pool cleaner with a small size filter may inconvenience you since youhave to keep on taking it out of the pool to clean it before you are done cleaning the entire pool. This is not only frustrating but it is a loss of your money too. Therefore, it is better to get a robotic pool cleaner with a larger filter enough to clean your pool at once.


A robotic pool cleaner mostly uses electricity from your outlets. However, there are some which can use solar power to handle certain tasks. Remember this is a powerful intelligent machine and for it to complete its tasks, it may end up using a good portion of your electricity. In this case, invest in a robotic cleaner that is energy sensitive so that as it eliminates the problem of a dirty pool it will not create another in return.

Top 10 robotic pool cleaners to invest in

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

Dolphin Nautilus Plus is among the best seller in the market currently and it is also the best rated among the competitors. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. It has an extra-large top access filter cartridge which makes it easy to spring clean the cartridges. The machine has a patented swivel system which enables it to scrub, filter and vacuum the entire floor, walls, and the waterlines. In case of a breakdown, it is easy to replace and the cost is lower as compared to the competitors.

Dolphin 2018 Premier Robotic cleaner

Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner is a household name to most pool owners. It offers a 3-year warranty and so you do not have to worry about its breaking down even before it has served you. The machine comes fully equipped with dual scrubbing brushes. These brushes enable you to scrub clean the surface of the pool and even vacuum the pool. This is very essential and as a result, the whole cleaning process becomes less hectic and manageable.

Polaris F9550 Sports Robotic

This type of pool robotic cleaner is most suitable for in-ground pools up to 60 ft. in length. When using it, you will not experience issues with the cables tangling. This is a great relief to many. The plastic basket that collects the dirt is easy to remove and clean giving you an easy time when cleaning your pool. Basically, using this type of a pool cleaner means the work is efficient and the results are impressive. To make your machine serve you to the longest, you will have to do a little maintenance such as spraying the system with clean water immediately you are done cleaning the pool.

Dolphin Electric Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning becomes an easy task when using Dolphin Electric pool cleaner. It is easy to assemble and it is ready for work in just a few minutes. The material used is mostly plastic. This is not a challenge since you can still navigate around in an easy manner without damaging the plastic. The caddy works efficiently and even when you are not using the cleaner, you can store all your cords and the cleaner in the caddy. This way, everything will be kept neat and organized.

Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Do you want a very thorough scrubbing and cleaning for your pool? With this robot, be sure to get rid of literally every dirt from your pool whether small or big. Furthermore, the machine is impressively fast when it comes to deep cleaning. It is also light-weight and this enables the user to move around swiftly. Although it takes time to know the dimensions of your pool and you have to it multiple times, when it finally gets the knack of it, the cleaning is awesome. It even scrubs the extreme corners quite well.

Aquabot APRV Pool Rover Robotic Cleaner

This robotic pool cleaner is superb and cleans your pool pretty well.It isalso quite fast and does not leave any dirt behind including the debris and fine dust. You also have a chance to buy extra filters if you see the need just to get your desired results. The task of replacing filter bags is also easy. This robot requires no chemicals to clean and even the amount of water required is less. Basically, it is among the coolest robotic pool cleaners you can use for your pool.

Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

With this robot, cleaning your pool is an enjoyable exercise. It does this task with ease and perfection. It is also fast and efficient. You can be sure that the robot will surely scrub the surface to your liking but for this to happen, you have to run it severally for the robot to get used to the surface. After doing so, nothing will stop it from scrubbing the surface to perfection.

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

This robot is the easiest to set up with fewer issues of cords tangling. You also have the privilege to program it to run as per your choice. Another impressive feature of this robot is that you can control and see the progress of the robot on your phone app. Isn’t that amazing? It is since it will be possible for the robot to call all the spots that it would have otherwise missed.

Solar-Breeze NX2 robotic cleaner

This type of robotic pool cleaner is quite unique as compared to other types. For instance, it is amongst the fewest robot cleaners that use solar power making it free from unnecessary cords. This robot cleans your pool really well. The battery can last for about three years and even the time comes to replace it, the batteries are readily available in the market.

Hayward RC9742WCCUBY Robotic Pool Vacuum

This robot is very good at cleaning and it requires low maintenance. The device uses smart steering technology which provides an efficient cleaning pattern. It highly reduces the frequency of filter backwash cycles because it runs separately from the pool’s filtration system.

Bottom Line

Owning a pool for most people is a dream come true. However, maintaining it sometimes become a nightmare especially when you start dealing with algae and water lilies to mention just a few. Cleaning your pool manually can be time-consuming and exhausting, to say the least. Fortunately, Investing in one of the above mentioned robotic pool cleaners can make your life significantly easier.

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