5 Reasons to Have a Charming and Personalized Poster of your Dog at Home

Some famous artists like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Charles M. Schulz used their four-legged companion as a muse for their artwork. Since men learned to mark their bond and fondness for pets, personalized dog posters have appeared.

If you are a dog lover, you are one of the notable persons in this world who can’t imagine life without their four-legged companion. They even willingly pay someone to create a work of art featuring their beloved pets.

You have to share that joy when you love your dog and consider them a part of your family. It can be from taking them everywhere you go, throwing a dog, to creating a charming wall art of your dog.

Now, why do you have to create a personalized poster of your dog? This article rounded up five reasons why you have to do this.

1. Immortalize or Memorialize your Dog

The very reason to have a charming dog art piece at your home is to commemorate and celebrate your pet. These art pieces will be reminding you of your dog when they are no longer with you in the future.

They’ll realize that you still hold a special place in your life when they are not with you. According to the statement from Harvard art history professor Joseph Koerner, portrait painting denoted fame and the afterlife in the old days.

It was rich paintings of themselves with their pet dogs to capture their essence long after they were gone. Nowadays, many pet owners use this way to show their love instead of digital photography or selfies.

2. Capture your Dog’s Personality

As we all know, dogs can’t sit too long for a portrait session. In this case, many artists use their photographs to capture their elements in the natural environment. Depending on the artist you hire, the portrait of your dog may be informal, fun and contemporary.

Sometimes artists will add elements they will observe from your dog’s personality. These elements are going to make your dog poster a lot more valuable.

3. Have a point of interest in your house

According to a study, the most famous paintings in the world not only get insights into personality, but also these art pieces generate interest in the people. In the 60s and 70s, many Americans hung beautiful posters of their dog because they were relatable, and people loved to talk about them.

However, your dog’s portrait may not generate interest on the same level. But they will draw a lot of curiosity and attention.

4. Personalized your Pet’s Room

It will add a personalized touch to your pet’s space. The presence of your dog’s portrait will bring a great sense of ownership, whether there is a dedicated corner or an entire room for the dog at your home.

5. Raise Awareness and Support a Noble Cause

If you are a social activist fighting for a pet-relevant cause, a personalized dog poster hanging out in your lounge or guest room will help you to fuel up your campaign. It will show some sweet gestures about you, like speaking for the authenticity of your feelings and intentions.

Wrapping up

Overall, personalized dog posters proved to be a delightful and worthy investment. Sometimes, you might feel like going a bit over the board, but trust us, it will all be worth it. So anybody having their dog’s portrait at home, feel free to share your experience in the comment box.

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