How To Read A Tape Measure

A tape measure,also known as measuring tape contributes to being a kind of flexible ruler. The measuring tape is a roll-up type that is specially designed for taking measurement of carpentry. The primary portion of it is called ribbon which has been made from a metallic and stiff material. It can solidify in accordance with need and has the capability to roll up at the same time for storing the same.

how to read a tape measure
Tape measure is even used by tailors for taking measurement for fixing or altering clothing. They are usually made from different kind of materials which are inclusive of cloth, fiber glass, plastic. They can be availed in Units of inches and feet and metrics of meters and centimeters as well. There are modified versions of measuring tape which comes with markings, that are usually required during the construction of a house.

How to read a tape measure

If you are looking forward how to read a tape measure, here are the guidelines:

1> Know the “Foot” Marks

Many measuring tape will simply let you know about the foot marks. Hence, there is not need to calculate 36 inches as equal to 3 feet.

2> The End of Hook

The hook at the end of measuring tape slides backward and forward so that measurement can be taken by hooking it at the end point of the object. As the tape slides, it ensures that the measurement taken is acturate in both the directions.

3> Hash Marks

After every sixteen inches, the measuring tape has red hashmarks. This happens to be an easy way for marking joists and wall studs which are at a distance of sixteen inches.

4> Feet vs inch

It is at the one foor mark where the numbering gets splitted off in two directions. The upper most part confers the measurement of feet whereas the downward part provides measurement into inches.

Tips on how to read a tape measure:

For reading a tap measure, you can go from large down to small. The measurement can be taken as whole inch mark, half inch and also quarter inch.

How to read whole inch mark:

The longest and easiest mark contributes to being the whole inch mark. Since the number appears clearly on the tape measure, it is very easy to see this mark.

How to read whole inch mark tape

How to read Half-inch mark:

The second longest mark on the tape measures shows the half-inch mark. Thus an inch is divided into two parts for getting half-inch.

How to read Half-inch mark

How to read Quarter inch mark:

Every inch can be divided into four quarters where each quarter gives the measure of quarter inch.

How to read Quarter inch mark

How to read Eighth-inch mark in a tape measure

Eighth-inch mark is known to be a very short mark. There are high possibilities that you might get confused in the grove of other marks. It is at this point you should write down the marking instead of remembering.

How to read Eighth-inch mark in a tape

How to measure One Sixteenth Inch Mark in measuring tape

While the one-eight inch mark was confusing and small, taking the one sixteenth inch mark is more challenging. It is very small but you need to take this reading rarely.

How to read Quarter Inch Refresher in a measuring tape

For couning quater inches, you can start at the 5th inch. Then you need to jump three times after which you will get 3/4 mark. Thus the total count will be 5 3/4 inches.

How to read Quarter Inch

How to read Eighths Inch Refresher in a measuring tape

For taking this measurement, you can start at 5 inches. Then you can jump 5 times over the same for getting the mark of 5/8th inch. This provides the measurement of 5 5/8.

How to read Eighths Inch

Few more tips on how to read a tape measure

It is recommended to take the measurement twice or thrice for taking the right measurement.

As you are hooking the tape, you must do it firmly.

You should reel the tape slowly back. It is strictly prohibited to roll the tape back in full force. This may lead to damaging of the tape or you may end up in cutting your finger badly.

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