Rangoli Designs For Diwali To Illuminate The Festival

Rangoli is an impression of dynamic Indian society. It is an artistic work done on the floors of the house or the entrance to welcome the Hindu god Lakshmi to our homes, since, she symbolizes good fortune. You cannot envision an Indian festival without a rangoli; it in fact sets the mood for festivity and lightens up your home.

Rangoli is made utilizing shaded rice, dry flour, bloom petals, turmeric (haldi), Vermillion (Sindoor) and hued sand. The rangoli designs for Diwali pattern includes face of Hindu divinities, geometric shapes, diya lamps, religious symbol such as Om and swastika, peacock designs and round flower designs.

As Diwali, festival of lights is approaching and everyone seems busy in cleaning and decorating their homes, buying gifts and clothes. One cannot refuse the role of colors in this festival. Everyone makes rangoli design on the entrance to welcome the Hindu god Lakshmi to their home but making rangoli designs for Diwali is not everyone’s forte as it needs skills and creativity. Given time and practice, you too can make a beautiful rangoli this diwali at your door step.

Here is a list of beautiful Rangoli designs for Diwali

Below is the Rangoli design for Diwali who are just beginner and learning to make rangoli this diwali. The design is simple and easy to create.Simple Rangoli design for Diwali-1

This rangoli design is simple and loaded with flower petals of different colours which make it look so amazing. This design is appropriate for the diwali eve.flowers rangoli design for diwali-2

If you are very fond of floral designs then this design is for you. Though simple yet colorful, different colors are used to create beautiful flowersColourful flowers rangoli design for Diwali-3

This free hand peacock design looks vibrant. The use of vivid colors adds a striking look which makes this rangoli very attractive and suitable for the festive occasion.Freehand peacock rangoli designs for diwali-4

Another freehand peacock with its vibrant and bright colors looks amazing rangoli design for this Diwali will surely grab attention of the guest instantly.Freehand peacock rangoli designs for diwali-4.1

This design comprises of two peacocks together with the bright shades used for this rangoli design makes this look even more stunning.Freehand two peacock rangoli designs for diwali-4.1

Another floral rangoli design you can make this Diwali. It is made by water colors which make it look so profligate. This is easy who are good in drawing and coloring.water-colours rangoli design for diwali

Lord Ganesha finds a way into the art of rangoli design and makes the design look even more attractive. Ganesh stands for prosperity and good luck.Ganesha- rangoli design for diwali

This is easy rangoli design for diwali, the vibrant shades used in the filling and addition of diyas makes it more attractive and beautiful. This is appropriate for the festival of lights.Diya rangoli design for Diwali-

This rangoli displays a beautiful color combination. This is a beautiful design to decorate your home during Diwali. The diyas in the centre of rangoli design defines an appropriate look for the festival of lights.beautiful Colour combination rangoli design for Diwali

Hope you liked these rangoli designs for diwali, If you like these then do and share it with your friends.

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