Quick Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair After Rebonding

Hair rebonding involves the use of very harsh chemicals and it is a process where your hair is exposed to extensive heat for four to seven hours. It is a permanent way to straighten up curly or wavy hair, it is expensive but can transform your hair in one day.


Hair rebonding restructures the natural bonds in your hair to give you smooth, fresh looking and a lot less messy hair.

Although, after rebonding your hair, the natural structure of hair changes and hence special care needs to be taken afterward. You must be aware of what you need to do after you have successfully rebonded your hair to keep them looking astonishing.

Quick tips to take care of your hair after rebonding –

1. Do not wash your hair for 3 days after the treatment. For these three days, do not fold your hair, brush them or treat them with heat or any other chemicals. Be gentle when you first wash them after three days and use a clarifying shampoo.

2. Do not wash your hair with hot water at all. Always use cold water or water at room temperature to wash your hair. Using hot water will alter the chemical treatment your hair has already got and hence will surely permanently damage your beautiful hair.

3. Do not use the hairdryer nor change your hairstyle frequently. This can result in hair breakage and thus is not recommended at all. In extreme cases, if you want to use a dryer to gently style your har, use it on lowest temperature settings.

4. Do not use a brush to comb your hair. It will lead to breakage and cause damage to the newly formed hair structures. You can use a wide toothed comb for mild styling. Be gentle on your hair as they now have undergone pretty severe chemical treatment.

5. Try to avoid sleeping with your hair tied. Make sure to keep your hair straight when you go to the world of fairytales if you wish to keep your hair looking beautiful.

6. For at least a couple of months, do not color your hair or even highlight them. Don’t do any chemically intense treatment on them. Make sure you have decided how you want your hair to look like in advance to the rebonding treatment, as the results of the treatment last for at least six to seven months and there is no way back once rebonding is done, even if you change your mind later.

7. Use a conditioner every single time you wash your hair. The Conditioner will definitely help you in keeping your hair healthy and look shiny and attractive. Use mild and gentle shampoo when you wash your hair and towel dry your hair, and apply hair serum.

8. Take care of your hair regularly by oiling them.

9. You can steam your hair every fifteen days to deep condition them using a wet towel or sauna.

10. Avoid going to swimming pools or beach for a few days after rebonding. Chlorine and sea water salts can deeply damage your hair. Whenever you want to swim, use leave-in conditioners rather than using caps.

11. Try to avoid using hair accessories like rubber bands and clips, and do not tuck your hair behind your ears.

12. Do not ever change your hairstyle after rebonding. If your hairstylist wants you to highlight your hair or try something new, avoid that completely.

13. When going out, it is necessary to keep your hair protected from dust, UV rays and pollution. Use a leave-in conditioner. Using products that have SPF in them always help.

14. Have a well-balanced diet. The health of your hair depend highly on your health and good food is the best source of nourishment for your hair.

15. Try to avoid changes in your lifestyle. Such changes have adverse impacts on your health, more so on your hair.

16. Depending upon your hair growth rate; you need to visit the clinic every 3-6 months for proper care of the grown hair.

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