Power Outage Survival Guide

Power outages are fairly common. Many times you don’t notice them. The only evidence you’ll see is that your analog clocks are blinking when you come home. While anyone can survive a brief power outage that lasts an hour or less, it’s much harder to get through a prolonged outage unscathed. This will give you some tips on how to get through longer power outages and how to prepare for them.

Tips on Saving Energy at Home

Before getting into how to survive a power outage at home, this will discuss some ways to save energy and reduce your usage. Sometimes a power outage happens because you used too much or something broke from excessive use.

Much of the power used in your home is for heating and cooling. Insulation works wonders for this. If you have a smart home, then you can easily set times to turn off the heat and cold to significantly reduce power usage when you’re out. Insulation will also regulate temperature when the power goes out.

Gettig energy-efficient appliances will reduce your power usage. You can also adjust your daily habits and turn off appliances when you’re done with this, unplug the TV when you’re done watching it and use less hot water as this requires energy to heat up.

Power Outage Kits

There are some kits available for when power outages occur. This checklist will help you determine if it’s a good kit. You can also use this to make your own kit if you’d prefer.

Keep several flashlights and check them regularly to ensure they work. Candles can help with light, but they are a fire hazard. A radio is essential so that you can keep up with the news. It can also provide a source of entertainment while your phone, computer and TV aren’t working. Battery-powered radios work well as do manual radios.

Batteries ensure that your flashlights and radios work during the power outage. Other resources you’ll need are food and water. Water is absolutely essential because you can’t survive long in a dehydrated state. Having a small stock of gallon-sized jugs should be enough. You’ll also want non-perishable food that is ready to heat without heat.

Tips for Surviving a Power Outage

One of the best electricity outage tips is to not panic. This is much easier when you have a plan and supplies stocked for this emergency. Be sure to keep freezers and fridges closed. This ensures the food inside stays fresh for as long as possible. Generators are fantastic for powering appliances, but make sure they are outside and away from windows.

A gas stove allows you to cook without power. That’s great, but never use them to heat your home. This can eventually suffocate you and it presents a danger if any fire is present in the home. Be sure to disconnect appliances and electronics, except for one light, to ensure they aren’t damaged from power surges.

It’s also good to have cold packs ready to keep refrigerated medicine or essential foods good even after the power goes out. There might be stores or other areas nearby with power that can keep you warm or cool. Make sure it is safe before going to the alternate location.

Planning for Water

It can be hard to know how much water you should store because everyone drinks a different amount. The rule is to store about one gallon of water per person, per day. It’s also suggested that you keep the same amount for pets and that you save at least enough water for three days.

For example, if there are two people and one pet in your home, then you should store at least nine gallons of water. If possible, try to drink a little less during the day to ration the water supply, but don’t drink so little that you get dehydrated.

You may also want to keep some extra water for washing and hygiene purposes.


A prolonged power outage can be scary, but it gets much better if you have a plan and you know what to store. This guide will help you get through the outage safe and sound before the lights finally come back on.

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