Popular Recreation Activities in Mallorca


Mallorca’s most famous resort is Palma. Mallorca has hundreds of excellent hotels, a palm-fringed promenade to walk along while admiring the boats moored by the beach, pristine sandy beaches, and superb service.

Mallorca is a paradise for hikers on mountain trails and rugged terrain for those who want to enjoy the dizzying panoramas of the island in harmony with the natural surroundings. When coming to Spain, with the help of OK rent a car Mallorca airport, you can rent a car Spain for your trip using the сar rental options on the website.

Mallorca boat trip

A boat trip off the coast of Mallorca gives you a magical excursion through coves of azure waters and a magical experience. Spend an unforgettable day or evening on the high seas in a white boat or elegant yacht. See the mysterious caves and beautiful bays hidden from the coast, swim in the emerald waters of the Mediterranean, soar with the wind over the smooth summer sea, catch up with the sunset in the inviting waters and, finally, enjoy a romantic sunset with a glass of cool champagne and a light dinner of tapas and seafood.

Other recreation locations

  • Santa Ponsa is a quiet resort with a clean sea, white sand, and lower hotel prices than other cities. But even if you do not appreciate the area’s quality, you will enjoy the local beaches with lots of entertainment, many cozy cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces, and the natural park La Reserva, located near the city. Golf enthusiasts go to Santa Ponsa because there are several famous golf clubs. Santa Ponsa, in general, is family-oriented, so adults and children will find something to do here.

The beaches are always crowded and easy to reach from any hotel because the town is small, sandy, and clean. Along the beaches, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs. Like in Magaluf, the beach holiday ends, and the beach party begins, but less boisterous.

One of the most beautiful places in Santa Ponsa is Port Adriano harbor. You can admire the graceful yachts, walk along the sea, swim on the beach, try the Mediterranean cuisine in a restaurant, rent a yacht and arrange a small cruise along the coast.


  • Paguerre has three luxurious sandy beaches, many beach attractions, a spacious promenade, beautiful nature, many cafes and restaurants with reasonable prices, and a complete nightlife with nightclubs and discos open until morning. That is where people of all ages and all interests will feel comfortable.

Hotel prices and service here are about the same as in Santa Ponsa but lower than in the capital.

What to do and where to walk in Paguera?

The life of the resort revolves mainly around the main beaches in the city – de la Romana, Tora, and Peguera. Paguera is surrounded by forest, so if you like the great outdoors, you’ll love it. Tall pine trees are not far from the shore – the air is magical. The beach at Playa de la Romana is on the edge of town and includes wildlife as it moves into the suburbs of Santa Ponsa. You will find mini islands close to the shore on which you can sunbathe, plus it is fun to snorkel here.


  • El Arenal is one of the most popular beach resorts in Mallorca. Many consider it the Palma area because it is very close to the capital and easy to get here by public transport. Few Mallorca beaches compare in quality with those of El Arenal. Everything is very classy here, including the hotels and cafes, which are pretty expensive and respectable. In El Arenal, you will find less fun than in Magaluf because both young and older people love this place.

Another entertainment is walking along the city harbor, where yachts and boats are moored. It is beautiful there: the masts are reflected in the water, you can sit in a cafe with a view of the sea, and if you want, even ride a yacht.

A walking barrier runs along the beach. Along the promenade are palm trees, and under them are tables of cafes; you can go shopping and souvenir shops, look at the tourists who come here from around the world, and relax.

Resort Like Pastilla combines the opportunities for a perfect beach holiday and a large number of places that will please fans of walking around the city, outdoor activities, and spending time in nature. It’s pretty quiet and peaceful, the beaches are clean and not too crowded, the prices are reasonable, and the service is top-notch. In search of parties, you can go to nearby Magaluf or El Arenal and return here for the beach. Remember that Can Pastilla is very close to Palma, and you can reach the capital in just 15 minutes.



Coming to Mallorca, there are very many places to relax and unwind. It is here that you can enjoy stunning views of wonderful nature. But to fully see the delightful scenery, rent a car, and your vacation will be great.



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