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International Drivers Association

Japan has its own unique offerings, whether you talk about food, tradition, or laws. The country whose name is without any doubt considered whenever we talk about the most advanced countries. This East Asia island country shares maritime borders with Taiwan, China (through the East China Sea), Northern Mariana Islands, the Philippines, and Korea (towards the north and south). The country is not only known for its accolades in technology but is also powerful in terms of education, the standard of living, social welfare causes, business opportunities, economic and infrastructural development as well. International Drivers Association-

So whatever is the reason that you’re planning to set your foot out to visit Japan, you’ll be more than glad by the warm welcome that it proffers. But not possessing an International Driving License (IDL) or International Driving Permit (IDP) can hinder your pleasant experiences in such a beautiful country. On a deeper note, when going out to such a country as strict as it is welcoming when it comes to the laws and regulations, taking any risk is not an intelligent person’s call. And the International Drivers Association (IDA) can ease your fret regarding an IDP/IDL, and this article will tell you how.

Before that, let’s tell you an interesting fact about the Japanese education system. In Japan, there is no examination policy for the students until they are in 4th grade. This is done to focus on the moral and conscience development of the kids rather than memorization.


An IDP/IDL is an official and legit document that eliminates all your law-related hassles of driving not just in one or two but in several countries, to be more precise, in more than 133 countries. And talking of Japan, you have to have an authorized IDP beforehand as once you reach the country, you can’t get one issued from there. Yes, you read that right!

An IDP/IDL is also important from this aspect because while you can rely on the public transportation services in the country’s metropolitan cities easily, in other cities, this can be quite a biting a bullet kind of task. This leaves you with two alternatives- drive yourself (and explore Japan at your own pace) or go for a car rental service, and irrespective of which option you go for, you need an IDP. This clearly marks the importance of an IDP/IDL. One noteworthy thing here is that an IDP or an IDL acts as a supporting document for your resident country’s driving license. It has its value until it is utilized along with a valid driver’s license (from the home country).

From Where Can You Obtain An IDP/IDL For Japan?

This task is a little bothersome but truly worth it as it ejects all the travel-related inconveniences while abroad. One way to get an IDP or an IDL is to get in touch with the foreign embassy in your home country and apply for the same. If you don’t have enough time left or if you want to keep all the risks at bay, then join hands with a service provider who can look after all this work for you, like International Drivers Association which is a well-established name in the market and is experienced in handling all the prep work for IDP in more than 165 countries.

Also, you can drive on the roads of Japan with a valid IDP/IDL for the following countries:

  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Taiwan
  • Monaco
  • France and
  • Germany

However, it is always advisable to have an IDP translated into the official language of the country you’re visiting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Japan, you need an IDP issued in accordance with the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (1949) only. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. To have more information regarding this, visit the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) page. One can’t obtain an IDP overseas from JAF directly but can refer to their website for clear information regarding convention compliance.


Anyone who has crossed the age of 18 years can apply for an IDP given that they have a valid home-country driving license (at least for the preceding 3 months).


The procedure is quite simple. All it requires to get an IDP in Japan is to submit a duly filled form altogether with the embassy-issued receipt. Since post-pandemic measures are in place, this can be done via online mode. The authorized signatory will send the IDP to your furnished address. In case there’s a problem, you’ll be contacted to resolve it.

 Or you can also take professional help from the International Drivers Association.


Apart from primary documents, you’ll be asked to submit the following documents as well:

  • Copy Of Driving License
  • Copy Of Valid Passport Or A Receipt Of passport Application
  • Embassy-Issued Receipt
  • Passport Size Photographs


An IDP/IDL expires after a period of 1 year from the date of its issuance or with the expiration of a valid driver’s license (whichever arrives first).


Once your IDP expires in Japan, you’ll have to get it reissued. In Japan, JFA issues revised IDP and has enlisted all the essential information regarding the same on its portal.

However, the residents of Japan and those who willingly seek to be among them have to follow an entirely different set of rules and get a valid Japanese license.

In case you want to permanently shift to a Japanese driving license, you can do so but make sure this is done before your IDP expires. One needs to clear physical and theoretical tests along with driving tests if willing to obtain a Japanese driving license.


  • The left-side driving rule is followed by all vehicle drivers (including cyclists) in Japan.
  • The right side is allotted to the pedestrians.
  • As for any other country, drinking & driving is strictly prohibited in Japan.
  • Seat-belt is a must to wear for drivers and passengers.
  • Safety Seats must be in place if carrying an infant or toddler in the vehicle.
  • In the absence of speed indicators/signs, drivers must adhere to a speed of 60 kmph ( for normal roads) and 100 kmph (for highways or expressways).
  • Always carry emergency-warning lights on the go so as to indicate vehicle break-down.
  • Always carry your driving license, and/or IDP, and insurance documents of the vehicle with you.
  • Park the vehicle only in allocated spaces.


Say ‘Konichiwa’ (Japanese version of “hello”) to the International Drivers Association and get your printed IDP/IDL in your hands just within 2-3 days. Connect with them today to get their professional and avant-garde service. The company has been in this business since 2018 and has retained the customers with its efficient work since then.



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