Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

All travelers would agree to the fact that New Zealand is a dream destination for many. A visit to this place is an unparalleled opportunity. In this article, you will know the Best Places to Visit in New Zealand.

Frankly, there is no place in New Zealand that can be touted as *The Best*. Whoa, that is a shocker, right?

Why, you ask?

Simply because the country is an epitome of beauty with every place having something new for to the traveller’s eye.

A collection of breathtaking scenery, unforgettable landscapes, lush green sights, peaceful lakes and the highest of mountains, New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Although I still believe the entire country is worth a traveller’s time and money, here are a few of my favourite places that would leave any human awestruck instantly.

Top 6 places to visit in new zealand.

  1. Waitomo Glow Worm Caves

Places to visit in New Zealand

Naturally illuminated by innumerable glow-worms, the Waitomo Glow Worm caves provide a view that would leave you amazed. A visit to the beautiful caves and you’ll have a unique experience like never before.

It is common among travellers to go on guided tours at the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves.

The tour is divided into 3 levels. It starts from the top level of the cave which is linked to Tomo, a vertical shaft made of limestone, and further goes to the second level known as the banquet chamber.

The ‘banquet chamber’ is where the visitors halt for small meals. The third and the final level takes you down the cathedral, the demonstration platform and the jetty. The final stage of the tour ends with a boat ride through the beautiful caves, under the Waitomo River.

The tour is a chance to learn more about history.

In case you are looking for some unique adventure experiences, try black water rafting by the Legendary Black Water Rafting Company. The experience is bone chilling, from jumping off the waterfalls to rappelling down the cave walls.

  1. Queenstown, South Island for Tandem

Places to visit in New Zealand

In case you are an adventure freak, Queenstown in South Island is your happy place to be. The adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is a temple for all those who appreciate enhanced adrenaline rush. You can try activities like white-water rafting, jet boating, bungee jumping, rock climbing, paragliding, downhill skiing, mountain biking among so many others.

How about reaching your ultimate adventure climax by visiting the beautiful country?

Also, if you are a The Lord of the Rings fan, we have some good news for you. You can visit Central Otago Region and Middle-Earth where LOTR filming locations are present.

  1. White Island- The Active Volcano

Places to visit in New Zealand

Well, the active volcano at White Island is like no other. To witness a breathtaking view of the most active volcano in New Zealand, take a scenic helicopter ride with Volcanic Air. A trip of a lifetime, you’ll love wandering around the very active volcano.

In case you are not quite aroused with the helicopter ride, you can also explore the volcano traveling through the waters. Just take a boat ride to the active volcano and view it or get a scenic bird eye view from above.

In case you are an adventure lover, the White Island has another offering for you; you can go scuba diving to witness the underwater vents of the volcano.

  1. Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley- Natural Hot Water Geysers

Places to visit in New Zealand

Without mentioning the Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley, this list cannot be complete. Home to the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute (an institute created to protect the endangered culture of the country) the valley is massive and breathtaking.

One of the major specialities of this place is the authentic “steam box” meal that is prepared using geothermal cooking methods. Also known as the Geothermal Hangi meal, it comprises of vegetables, two meats, gravy, stuffing and corn on the cob. It also has a famous Whakarewarewa steam pudding that is served with custard, cream and fruit salad.

Through singing and dancing performances, Māoris showcase their traditional and highly powerful culture. In case you weren’t aware, Māoris form a native Polynesian tribe of New Zealand.

One of the most amazing insights of the valley is that it houses a number of active geysers that are beautiful and breathtaking. The place also harbours one of the largest active geysers in the southern hemisphere.

DID YOU KNOW? These boiling pools go up to temperatures of more than 200 degree Fahrenheit!

  1. Franz Josef Glacier

Places to visit in New Zealand

If you think that’s enough diversity in New Zealand, you’re mistaken. There’s a lot more to unravel.

So yes, you can even hike a live glacier in the country. Be it those guided walks or the jaw-dropping helicopter tours or even those ice climbing tours, try them all here.

You can also hike along the glacier with a guided tour and trust me, you won’t freeze at the Franz Josef. With plenty of sunlight and heat, the temperatures aren’t as freezing as one would perceive.

After a day tour at the Franz Josef, soak in one of the Glacier Hot pools that are fed by the waters from Franz Josef Glacier. An experience of a lifetime, indeed!

  1. Fiordland National Park

Places to visit in New Zealand

The Fiordland National Park is a world heritage site and a great experience if you wish to set on incredible hikes, fishing activities, cruises and other. One great feature about this National Park is the Milford Sound that is a great tourist attraction; it is a true fjord created by a glacier.

When cruising here, you can spot a number of breath taking sites including waterfalls, rocks towering over the water and even see wildlife like dolphins and penguins.

Home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, the park has a dramatic yet appealing landscape which guarantees some of the country’s best walks and hiking tracks.

In case you wish, you can also go in for a helicopter ride to have a bird eye’s view of the beautiful landscape.

There is a reason that the island country was touted as EPIC by the adventurer Bear Grylls. It is breathtaking, aesthetic and alluring at the same time. Doesn’t matter if you are a beach person or a hill lover- from mountain feels to beachy vibes, snowy flares to spring rages, there is nothing that is amiss here.

Already getting your bags ready, aren’t you?

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