People Around The World Are Capturing Photographs Of Their #Frozenpants And Acting As If They’re Invisible People

#Frozenpants -1

Residents of Asia and North America have been hit by intense snowfall over the past week. They are finding exciting ways to amuse themselves.#Frozenpants -1

Though, the two continents have come together to make the best out of the terrible weather and post photographs to social media of their frozen clothes, calling them “invisible people.”

Believe it or not.

In Japan, Canada, and America, people have been sharing photographs of intentionally frozen clothing, intricately postured to look alive

It is hazy where the trend began, despite the fact that Yahoo News reports that Minneapolis inhabitant Tom Grotting has been participating in the prank for years.

The trend has now spread globally, with people over the world freezing pants, shirts, and even underwear for entertainment while snowed in.

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Whilst some users have gone for simple illusions, others have staged more elaborate tricks.

Dude, wrap up.

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