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Nasa researchers discover Evidence Of Water Found on Mars


Researchers say finding of stains from spring streams down cliffs and crater walls raises the chance of discovering life on red planet.evidence-of-water-found-on-mars-5652760466817024.2-hp

Liquid water keeps running down gullies and crater walls over the summer months on Mars, as per the researchers who say the finding increases the chances of being home to some type of life.

The streams leave long, dim stains on the Martian territory that can achieve many meters downhill in the hotter months, before they go away in the fall as surface temperatures drop.

Pictures taken from the Mars orbit show precipices, and the lofty walls of valleys and craters, streaked with summertime flows that in the most active spots come together to form complicated fan-like patterns.

Researchers are uncertain where the water originates from, however it may ascend from underground ice or salty aquifers, or consolidate out of the dainty Martian environment.

“There is fluid water today on the surface of Mars,” Michael Meyer, the lead researcher on Nasa’s Mars exploration programme, told the Guardian. “On account of this, we think that it is in any event conceivable to have an inhabitable environment today.”

The water streams could point Nasa and other space agencies towards the most encouraging destinations to discover life on Mars, and to landing spots for future human missions where water can be gathered from a natural supply.

“Mars is not the dry, parched planet that we considered previously,” said Nasa’s Jim Green. “Fluid water has been found on Mars.”

A few of the initial missions to Mars uncovered a planet with a watery past. Pictures channeled back to Earth in the 1970s demonstrated a surface crossed dried-up streams and fields once submerged underneath limitless antiquated lakes.  Recently, Nasa revealed evidence of an ocean that may have secured half of the planet’s northern hemisphere in the distant past.

Nasa researchers discover Evidence Of Water Found on Mars
Dark narrow streaks called recurring slope lineae emanate out of the walls of Garni crater on Mars. Photograph-Nasa,AFP,Getty Images

But intermittently, Mars tests have discovered clues that the planet may in any case be wet. Nearly a decade ago, Nasa’s Mars Global Surveyor took pictures of what emerged to be water bursting through a gully wall and streaming around rocks and other rocky debris. In 2011, the high-resolution camera on Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured what looked like little streams flowing down crater walls from late spring to early autumn. Not having any desire to expect excessively, mission researchers named the streams “repeating slant lineae” or RSL.

Researchers have now twisted to another instrument on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to evaluate the science of the secretive RSL streams. Lujendra Ojha, of Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, and his colleagues used a spectrometer on the MRO to look at infrared light reflected off steep rocky walls when the dull streaks had quite recently started to show up, and when they had developed to full length toward the end of the Martian summer.

Writing in the journal Nature Geosciences, the team depicts how it discovered infra-red marks for hydrated salts when the dull streams were available, yet none before they had developed. The hydrated salts – a blend of chlorates and perchlorates – are a smoking gun for the occurrence of water at all four destinations examined: the Hale, Palikir and Horowitz craters, and a large canyon called Coprates Chasma.

“These may be the best places to scan for surviving life close to the surface of Mars,” said Alfred McEwen, a planetary geologist at the University of Arizona and senior creator on the study. “While it would be signifivant to discover confirmation of antiquated life, it is hard to comprehend the biology. Current life would be substantially more informative.”

The streams just show up when the surface of Mars ascends above – 23C. The water can keep running in such bone chilling conditions because the salts bring down the the freezing point of water, keeping it liquid far beneath 0C.

“The mystery has been what is allowing this stream? Apparently water, however up to this point, there has been no ghostly mark,” Meyer said. “From this, we presume that the RSL are produced by water associating with perchlorates, shaping a saline solution that streams downhill.”

Nasa researchers discover Evidence Of Water Found on Mars
These channels, which are between 1 metre and 10 metres wide, are on a scarp in the Hellas impact basin. Photograph-Nasa,Reuters

John Bridges, a teacher of planetary science at the University of Leicester, said the study was interesting, yet may hurl some crisp attentiveness toward space organizations. The streams could be utilized to discover water sources on Mars, making them prime spots to chase forever, and to land future human missions. Be that as it may, agencies were required to do their most extreme to abstain from ruining different planets with organisms from Earth, making wet territories the most hard to visit. “This will give them lots to consider,” he said.

For the present, researchers are centered on taking in where the water originates from. Permeable rocks under the Martian surface may hold solidified water that melts in the late spring months and leaks up to the surface.

Another possibility is profoundly focused saline aquifers are specked around underneath the surface, not as pools of water, but rather as immersed volumes of lumpy rock. These could bring about streams in a few territories, however cannot easily clarify leaking down from the highest point of crater walls.

A third possibility, and one favored by McEwen, is that salts on the Martian surface assimilate water from the environment until they have enough to run downhill. The procedure, known as deliquescence, is found in the Atacama Desert, where the subsequent moist patches are the main known spot for organisms to live.

“It’s an intriguing bit of work,” Bridges said. “Our perspective of Mars is changing, and we’ll be examining this for quite a while to come”.

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This Cute 2-Year-Old Boy Tries To Blow Out His Birthday Candle & Constantly Fails


We don’t like to giggle at other people’s great efforts, however this is just so charming and lovable, we can’t resist the urge to laugh (with adoration, obviously).

Little Marty Williamson is cut and lovable kid who just celebrated his second birthday (We wish you very happy birthday, Marty!), and his mother, Ashleigh Williamson made sure to get her son’s milestone capture on camera.

But, beside the precious memory, what she got on film is totally amusing. It turned up that while presenting Marty with a cupcake and candle to celebrate the morning of his special day, Ashleigh and her husband discovered that their son has a bit of difficulty blowing out a candle.

Take a look at cute little boy trying with the large candle on peak of his celebratory cupcake. He continues trying and trying, however nothing happens. That is when father comes to the rescue!

After clearly stating, “You’re terrible at this,” (LOL!), Ashleigh’s hubby came up with a quick trick—he got a straw! With the help of directional air flow, Marty was able to successfully blow out his candle.

And even though he faced same struggle again at his birthday party, he was able to pull through with his father’s help, obviously.

Watch this adorable and cute clips!

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Michael Jackson’s Little Girl Paris Almost Not Recognizable As She Grows Into Total Beauty


PARIS JACKSON, Michael Jackson’s Little Girl has dealt with her own grief and family drama, since he died in 2009.

Paris Jackson is all grown up now and appears happier than ever.

Paris Jackson has always been pretty with those piercing blue eyes and her numerous selfies on Instagram indicates how much she has changed, although her piercing blue eyes are still very much there.
Michael Jackson's Little Girl Paris Almost Not Recognizable As She Grows Into Total Beauty-2

Michael Jackson's Little Girl Paris Almost Not Recognizable As She Grows Into Total Beauty-3However the 17-year-old has grown into a total beauty and even has a boyfriend nowadays.

Michael’s only daughter has lead an overwhelmingly private life in the years tailing her dad’s heartbreaking demise.

Although now she’s a social media star and love imparting her great looks with followers.Michael Jackson's Little Girl Paris Almost Not Recognizable As She Grows Into Total Beauty-4 As per insiders, her happy transformation is all because of her new boyfriend Chester Castellaw.Michael Jackson's Little Girl Paris Almost Not Recognizable As She Grows Into Total Beauty-6

The youngster was initially announced to be in a relationship with Chester, who plays football for Californian club Real So Cal, in April this year. Though they haven’t been together long, the couple are as of now supposedly serious about one another and planning a future together.Michael Jackson's Little Girl Paris Almost Not Recognizable As She Grows Into Total Beauty-5

“Chester is completely in love with Paris and I am certain that he would love to marry her,” an insider told Radar Online. “That ring that she is wearing is a promise ring that he got her.”

A source told Radar Online already that Chester is “an amazingly kind and touchy young fellow who has been nothing but strong, supportive and understanding of Paris”.

They added: “Paris is totally head over heels for him and she has been spouting about him continually, advising her family members that she adores him and he is her ‘soul mate.'”Michael Jackson's Little Girl Paris Almost Not Recognizable As She Grows Into Total Beauty-8

Paris will be making her own particular mark on the showbiz world in 2017 when she takes starring role in the movie Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys.Michael Jackson's Little Girl Paris Almost Not Recognizable As She Grows Into Total Beauty-7

Marking dad Michael’s birthday a month ago, she posted a black and white snap of the legendary singer on Instagram writing: ‘I know you’re watching I know you’re looking down, your birthday is today and although you’re not around, it doesn’t stop our thoughts and never stops our prayers. I am sending birthday wishes to my angel upstairs.’

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A Dying Man Posts A Letter To Mahatma Gandhi In 2014. Gandhiji Writes Back


“When you need something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to accomplish it.”
– Paulo Coelho

‘Bapu,’ the tale of how an old man’s wish was fulfilled, will pull at your heartstrings and leave you loaded with good faith. This short film by Abhishek Sengupta on Terribly Tiny Talkies is a must-watch.

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The Evolution Of The Desk


The computer has developed at such a consistent and staggering pace, that occasionally we don’t admit how much it has changed everything.

And, one of the things it has changed totally is the humble workstation (our working desk). A long time ago our working desk was occupied with plenty of devices, books, aids and general bits and bob, it has now been well organized to an amazing degree, as the computer has count everything it once did.

In layman’s terms, basically the computer has gobbled up everything in its way – and you can see precisely how it’s done it by watching this phenomenal short visual, set up together by a team at the Harvard Innovation Lab.

The objective is to demonstrate the impact that technology has had on our lives in the course of the most recent 35 years.

[via Best Reviews]

How has your working desk area changed throughout the years?

Aamir Khan Released The Poster For His Next Film “Dangal” And Twitter Can’t Stop Joking About It


Aamir Khan lately released the poster of his upcoming movie Dangal, which turns out in December, 2016.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-1
Many people were impressed by the poster’s offbeat design.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-1
But certainly, Twitter, being Twitter, clearly had to joke about it.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-2

From jokes…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-3

To ridiculing Aamir Khan’s tendency to cry at everything…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-4

To making connections with Doctor Who…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-5

His dedication to method acting…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-6

His ears…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-7

Speculative jokes…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-8

The poster’s resemblance with iconic Bollywood moments of years past…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-9

More Puns..Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-10

Even more puns…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-11

Furthermore, simply random nonsense…Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-12

People have been having a field day with this.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-13

And the movie’s over a year away from releasing.Upcoming Movie-Dangal-tweets-14

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This 6-Year-Old Girl Giving The Matured Advice To Her Parents And The World


This adorable little 6-year-old Tiana from Canada caught her parents who are getting separated in the midst of a warmed contention. Tiana gets involved to sort their matters with intellect and wisdom way beyond her age!

She is giving the wisest advice to her parents and the world as well. She’s requesting that her divorced parents to become friends and not be mean to one another and she truly has a point and gives some genuine experienced piece of advice to her parents!

Tiana gives her mother one of the easiest and most significant approaches to be cheerful. “Everyone should just be nice to each other.”tiana-1

“I want you mom, and my dad to be friends. I want everyone to be smiling!”tiana4

The video was posted on Facebook by Tiana’s mother Sherry who claims that she was completely moved and brought to by her little girl’s huge words and pure thoughts uncorrupted by time and age.

“I’m not trying to be mean but I’m trying to do my best in my heart, nothing else than that.”tiana3

Making her parents proud! There’s none who won’t listen to this angel’s words of wisdom!

Watch the video below-

Are you moved by the video?

Watch this Husband Catches His Wife Crying While Doing Laundry. At that point, She Tells Him the Shocking Truth

We guarantee you won’t be baffled.

Husband Catches His Wife Crying While Doing Laundry. At that point, She Tells Him the Shocking Truth


This husband goes behind his wife each morning, but it is not for the reason that he does not trust her. It may sound unusual, but his reason for doing so is incredibly legitimate. This is a very touching short film, produced by Jubilee Project. The video may be somewhat puzzling at first, but continue watching till the end. We guarantee you won’t be baffled.

Were you motivated or moved by this short film? Please share with you friends, family & other loved ones.

Most Amazing Video- Elephant Painting Elephant Performance


An elephant paints at the Maetaman Elephant camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Elephant amusement is ordinary in elephant camps like this, and many communities rely on this income.

Probabilities are you’ve seen one of the numerous videos of an elephant clutching a paintbrush, dropping it in paint, and creating a work of art like something a 5-year-old could make. It is highly unlikely this can be real. Correct?

Incorrect, the insight of elephants is similar to primates. In the interim, their apt trunks allow them to use tools to draw on paper. The peculiarity, on the other hand, lies in whether the elephant is painting spontaneously or has been prepared to do as such. As you likely have speculated, the recent is most often the case.

Watch an elephant painting elephant performance from start to finish in the video below –

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The Most Hilarious Dogs Photobombs Of All Time


It is official. Man’s closest companion has dominated the photobomb.

You may have believed that felines were the best creatures photobombers out there, however we have got proof that dogs can crash a photograph opportunity with the same hilarity as any feline, human or even seal.

Check out the most hilarious dog’s photobombing to an entire diverse level…

We’ll begin with this representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality -group shot dog bomb.Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

What we need is less human face, and lovelier dog face.Dangerous Dogs In The World

He’s simply attempting to match Dad’s expression.Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

A few go to huge heights to accomplish the perfect bomb.Facts About Dogs

And some go to extraordinary lows.Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

He’s truly upset  about the entire part about having to share her “till death do us part.”Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

“My tongue is way more intriguing than the side of his face, truly.”Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

Double selfie + dog butt selfie = best selfie ever.Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

Don’t you disregard about me.Dangerous Dogs In The World

Enter Bo Obama: First Dog AND Pro Photobomber.Dangerous Dogs In The World

Gracious, he most absolutely needs some of that.Dangerous Dogs In The World

A dog’s brisk and agile traits serve him well for a photobomb.Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

“Why are you taking a photo of these appalling bushes and not taking a photo of me?”Dangerous Dogs In The World

“I am your outfit of the day.”slide_348635_3714672_free

This dog is just basically exhibiting what this couple may do after this photograph is taken.Dangerous Dogs In The World

“Nobody cares about your healthy food. They just care about me.”Facts About Dogs

Here’s a vintage gem: On an innocent child’s first day of school, this dog chooses to go ahead to take a major dump.Facts About Dogs

He couldn’t care for that shirt one bit.Facts About Dogs

This couple appears to truly be having a ball(s). No doubt, we went there.Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

Canines know to have no shame when nature calls.Facts About Dogs

They also know how to have no shame when you get truly horny.Hilarious Dogs Photobombs

“I’m the best present of all, however”.Facts About DogsAnd in an act of pure genius, this one dog figured out how to photobomb each and every picture of this apartment on Craigslist…Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

Here he is in the living room.Facts About Dogs

And the dining room.Facts About Dogs

Right there by the bed.Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

We see you there, Craigslist dog bomber. And we applaud you.Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

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Google Doodle Celebrates Late M.F. Husain’s 100th Birthday – Interesting Facts About The Famous Painter.


Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 100th birthday of one of India’s most well-known and comprehensive artists, painter, director Maqbool Fida Husain, who passed away of heart attack on June 9th, 2011, at the age of 95.

He is popularly known as MF Husain and also regarded as “Picasso of India”M.F. Husain’s 100th Birthday #1

The doodle pays tribute to the Master of modern Indian painting in a very conceptual manner. M.F. Husain’s 100th Birthday

Today, on Late M.F. Husain’s 100th Birthday we have compiled some interesting facts about the legendary painter:

  1. Husain began painting cinema hoardings to earn some money in his initial days when he came to Mumbai.
  2. Husain, to make some additional money, worked for a toy company, designing and building toys. He regularly travelled to Gujarat to paint sceneries when he could afford to.
  3. Husain’s dad perceiving his ability, got him apprenticeships with a tailor and later a draughtsman while motivating him to develop his painting technique privately
  4. Husain first got appreciation in late 1940s when he was one of the original members from the Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group established by Francis Newton Souza
  5. Husain made his first film, ‘Through the Eyes of a Painter’ in the year 1967, which was indicated at the Berlin Film Festival and won a Golden Bear short film honor
  6. Along with Pablo Picasso, Husain was a special invitee at the Sao Paulo Biennial (Brazil) in 1971
  7. Husain was honored the Padma Bhushan in 1973 and was also selected to the Rajya Sabha of the Indian Parliament in 1986. He was honored the Padma Vibhushan in 1991
  8. In February 2006, Husain was accused of “hurting sentiments of people “as a result of his nude potraits of Hindu gods and goddesses
  9. In the year 2010, the Jordanian Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center named Husain as one of the 500 most compelling Muslims
  10. F. Husain died of heart attack at the age of 95, on June 9, 2011 in London; He was not well for several months.
  11. He was buried in Brookwood Cemetery on June 10, 2011.

Kylie Jenner Is Morphing Into The Image Of Sister Kim Kardashian In This Raunchy Magazine Photoshop


Kylie Jenner is the brand new grown-up around the town she just celebrated her 18th birthday, and the most juvenile member from the Kardashian-Jenner family is leaving no stone unturned in enjoying her new recently discovered grown-up status. In an exceptionally raunchy, cleavage-bearing magazine photoshoot with “Galore” Magazine, Kylie, much like Sister Kim Kardashian, is good to go to break the web.

This provoking photoshoot was shot by infamous photographer Terry Richardson, who as well just shot Kim for her Rolling Stone cover. What’s more, passing by Terry’s signature style, this spread, as well, included small attire and a lot of skinny show.kylie-jenner-is-splitting-image-sister-kim-kardashian-652x400-1-1441791717

The theme of photoshoot titled as ‘Kylie Jenner Is All Grown Up’. Media and people have always been fanatical with this current young person’s age and her disputable relationship with 25-year-old rapper—Tyaga, and she opens up about the theme in this interview.  She said – “It just makes no sense that, even a month ago, people were complaining that I was too young to be doing certain things, and now people are just okay with it because I’m grown.” Kylie additionally concedes that she knows she looks much more older than her genuine age and claims that her life in the spotlight is really liable for making her grow-up faster.

Check it out all the pictures from her vivacious and stimulating photoshoot.kylie-jenner-is-splitting-image-sister-kim-kardashian-652x400-13-1441792045











What do you think about this juvenile member from the most renowned family of the US? We’d love to listen.

Film Review: Hero’s Heroism Can Be summed up In 7 GIFs


Hero-movie-review-1What were the classic components in a ’90s romantic film?  The entry of the hero with a phenomenal action sequence, the entry of the heroine (who becomes a young unmarried women in grief) with her bimbotic gang, the saving of the heroine who eventually gives her heart to him. This is mainly what happens in this modern remake of Subhash Ghai‘s 1983 film Hero.

Sooraj Pancholi (as Sooraj) is a well built, benevolent man who fights for the people who have been wronged. He is as well linked to Aditya Pancholi (as Pasha) who loved his mother as a sister, and is a murder criminal who wants to harm Inspector Tigmanshu Dhulia (as General Mathur) because that’s what you do to the man who puts you in prison for all the crimes you have done.

Pasha asks Sooraj to abduct Mathur’s daughter Radha (Athiya Shetty) and take her far away till February eighteenth. By coincidence, Sooraj had met Radha at a club the prior night, showed his dancing skills, and saved her from her insane ex. Also, being the over smart lady that she is, she consents to go with Sooraj and his companions who disguise themselves as policemen, sent by her loving father to save her from some awful people after she correlates  the bar brawl with his possibilities of being a policeman. *catches some breath* so better believe it, therefore begins their love story:

Sooraj abducts Radha under disguise.Hero-movie-review-2

He takes her to a spot far away.Hero-movie-review-3

He takes care of her well.Hero-movie-review-4

Indeed, even after she knows the truth.Hero-movie-review-5

She even tells the court of law of his pre-eminence.Hero-movie-review-6

They are separated by the powers of police officer Daddy.Hero-movie-review-7

They revive their love after being being separated for a long time of two years.Hero-movie-review-8

All things considered, the rest is as unsurprising as it can get. No excites, no chills.

Salman Khan finally appears on the silver screen and puts an end to the torture.Hero-movie-review-9

10 English Idioms and their meanings Illustrated In A Hilarious Way!


Learning a new language is fun and enjoying, people who love English language will think more about it.

We use English idioms in everyday conversation they are a lot metamorphical and make the language more colourful.

We use English idioms to express something more intensely and often in brief.

The guy thought about some English idioms and their literal meaning, he found some of them very funny and thought it would be a nice idea to pick a few of the most common english idioms and illustrate them.

This campaign is cool and there’s not any other better approach to illustrate the usage of the English idioms as mentioned below!

Applaud the maker!

Let’s check it out:


Hope you liked the post!

Salman Khan’s #MainHoonHeroTera Has Been spoofed & it’s Amusing


As we all Bollywood’s good looking hunk Salman Khan who is geared up and going all out to promote Athiya Shetty’ and Sooraj Pancholi’s  first appearance in his production film “Hero”

YouTube channel Shudh Desi Gaane has come up with the most humorously spoof of the film’s title track. The tune, which initially includes Salman Khan (who has done the playback too) singing in a recording studio, has a twin of the actor buzzing the most amusing lines and teaching lessons to a ‘star kid’ on how to become a next superstar. Relevantly titled ‘Main Hoon Godfather Tera’, the video shrewdly depicts the film industry’s mania with star-kids and how without a god father, it is hard to get the right break in the film industry, regardless of how skilled you are.

We adored Hero’s #MainHoonHeroTera when it turned out. What’s more, now, the great gentlemen at Shudh Desi Gaane have parodied the Salman Khan variant of the song “Main Hoon Hero Tera “ and it is completely amusing.

Check this out now, it’s amazing!

Will Earth Experience 15 Days Of whole Darkness In the month of November 2015?


Did you know that in the upcoming month of November Earth will be in whole darkness for 15 days?

Did you know that North Korea has landed a man on Saturn, or would it say it was the Sun?

nasa news

A website named NewsWatch33 published a report citing NASA and said that “Earth will encounter 15 days 15 of whole darkness between November 15 and November 29, 2015. The event, as per NASA, hasn’t happened in more than 1 Million years.”

As per them the ‘November Black Out’ will be cause by a astronomical event in the middle of Jupiter and Venus. They tweeted it out too!


The site additionally provided details regarding the disclosure of a “marijuana” planet. Now that is an intriguing bit of ‘news’.

If you haven’t figured it at this point, no such incident is going on!

Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2015


2015 has as of now seen what’s coming to its of super-hit Bollywood movies: Piku, Tanu Weds Manu Returns,  Baby, Badlapur, Dil Dhadakne Do and NH10 however there have been a few duds too like Hamari Adhuri Kahani ,Mr. X and Bombay Velvet. There have likewise been some sleeper hits like Margarita with a Straw, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Dum Laga Ke Haisha

But the year is not over yet and a lots of high octane action is upcoming. So this is what is going to keep you snared, booked and cooked for whatever is left of the year:

  1. Katti Batti

Release date: 18th September, 2015
2015 has belonged to Kangana so far and the last half does not look any different. It is going to be another best film from Kangana and she is all set to rob the hearts of cine lovers.  This time starred opposite to Imran Khan who is fresh from a long-drawn-out vacation. Katti Batti, upcoming bollywood movie portrays the story of Imran’s character that falls in love with Kangana’s character because of her attitude towards life and chooses to move in with her, until one day Kangana moves out of the from the nurturing relationship. What happens next? Go figure!Upcoming Bollywood Movies- Katti Batti

  1. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu

Release date: 25th September, 2015
The wait is at long last over. India’s king of comedy, Kapil Sharma, is at last making his first appearance on the big large screen with Abbas-Mustan’s Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu and his fans can hardly wait as of now. The film is alleged to be an all out masala performer where Kapil could be seen romancingfew  on-screen actresses like Elli Avram and Manjari Phadnis among others. Nonetheless, our recommendation would be to leave your brains at home and go appreciate this upcoming bollywood movie basically for Kapil Sharma’s performance.Upcoming Bollywood Movies- Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu

  1. Hero

Release date: 25th September, 2015
Salman Khan is known to guru a lot of fresher’s and give them a platform in film industry. After guiding Sonakshi Sinha’s successful career, another set of Salman Khan proteges are prepared to make their grand first appearance with the upcoming movie ‘Hero’, releasing this month. Starring Aditya Pancholi’s son, Sooraj, and Suniel Shetty’s little girl, Athiya, the movie portrays the tale of a father who frames a baseball team in the expectation of reconnecting with his son. Watch this upcoming bollywood movie for baseball as much for the new kids on the block.Upcoming Bollywood Movies-Hero

  1. Singh Is Bling

Release date: 2nd October, 2015
We all have been missing the ostentatious Super Sikh ever since the time that he showed up in 2008. What’s more, think about what, the Super Sikh is out of his concealing and he is flashier and blingier than ever before.  Akshay Kumar repeats the part of Happy Singh in the Prabhu Deva and the first look blurbs propose the movie is going to be crazier! So, are you all set to keep up with the Singh?Upcoming Bollywood Movies- Singh Is Bling

  1. Jazba

Release date: 9th October, 2015
A standout amongst the most expected upcoming bollywood movie of the year, Jazba marks the rebound of Aishwarya Rai to the celluloid. Directed by Sanjay Gupta, the film supposedly is a tension thriller in light of a legal counselor’s story whose girl is kept prisoner while she is approached to fight a case for a man who has been charged of assault and five murderers and win it within seven days. Motivated by the Korean film, Seven Days, Aishwarya’s much fitter and leaner search for the film is as of now a major champ among her fans.Upcoming Bollywood Movies- Jazba

  1. MS Dhoni

Release date: 22nd October, 2015
Biopics of sportspersons have turned into the new winning equation at the Box office nowadays. What’s more, the genre couldn’t have requested a greater and preferred help over the arrival of upcoming bollywood movie MS Dhoni.  Neeraj Pandey’s biopic on the life of MS Dhoni, India’s best cricket captain ever, stars none other than the extremely fit Sushant Singh Rajput. The movie spins around the early life, family & career of Dhoni and is relied upon to unite the entire nation for the love of the sportsperson!Upcoming Bollywood Movies- MS Dhoni

  1. Shaandaar

Release date: 22nd October, 2015
Coming this October and another fresh pairing is set to charm the audience’s heart with Shaandaar! Starring Shahid Kapoor & Alia Bhatt star in this romantic-comedy upcoming bollywood movie directed by Viskas Bahl which is touted as India’s first destination wedding film being shot widely in Leeds! Need we say more?Upcoming Bollywood Movies- Shaandaar

  1. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Release date: 1st November, 2015
This upcoming bollywood movie is like a homecoming for Salman Khan as the actor returns back  to the Rajshri banner with the movie named ”Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” after a long time. Paired opposite Sonam Kapoor for the first time, the fans are are as of now eager to see their cherished bhai giving action a miss for quite a while and having a go at something new.upcoming Bollywood Movies- Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

  1. Ghayal Once Again

Release date: 13th November, 2015
Sunny Deol was an exposé in 1990 with his action bollywood movie Ghayal. No big surprise the sequel of the super hit movie picture has reliably been on the cards. Indeed, the long wait is at long last over and Sunny Deol is set to singe the screen with a heavy duty action-suspense drama ‘Ghayal Once Again’ and his fans couldn’t have requested a better Diwali gift!Upcoming Bollywood Movies-Ghayal Once Again

        1. Jagga Jasoos

Release date: 27th November, 2015
Relatively few real life Bollywood jodis have possessed the capacity to decipher their shimmering off screen screen into a hit onscreen pairing. In any case, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are two on-screen characters who look just as awesome on and off the screen and even have fans dribbling over their matching, each time. Jagga Jasoos brings the hit Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani duo back to the silver screen in the satire drama type at the end of the day with Anurag Basu at the helm. One look at theblurb of the movie and the film as of now looks like a winner!Upcoming Bollywood Movies- Jagga Jasoos

        1. Bajirao Mastani

Release date: 25th December, 2015
Talk of lovely real life Bollywood couples and we have the most sweltering couple nearby making a stupendous entry on the silver screen after their magnanimous last excursion as the super-hit bollywood movie Ram-Leela. Hoping to repeat the achievement of Ram-Leela, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are back with another overwhelming offering as Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani. Aside from the exciting pairing of Ranveer and Deepika, the period drama also stars Priyanka Chopra in an effective role, making it the most talked about upcoming bollywood movie of the year.Upcoming Bollywood Movies- Bajirao Mastani

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Trailer Is Out


Pyaar ka punchnama 2 trailer is out and it definitely looks funnier than the first one.

Do you remember the movie “Pyar ka Punchnama” (2011) was a sleeper hit. The one movie that made us understood young men truly well? It’s the movie that enlightened relationships to us better than anyone else? The movie with that remarkable speech by actor Kartik Aaryan, remember?

Well, the good news is, the team of Pyaar Ka Punchnama is back again with the sequel of this hit film. Although a few of the actors are new in the sequel, the director Luv Ranjan has retained Kartik Tiwari, Nushrat & Sobnali from the first part.

The film is touted to be ‘greater, better and more entertaining than the first, and given the enormous accomplishment of the first film, the second one has a ton riding on its shoulders. However, if its trailer is any sign, it beyond any doubts looks such a great amount of quirkier than section 1.

Boys, there are just modest bunch of movies that catch the male perspective seeing relationships, so it’s quite reasonable for you to get super amped up for this one.

The trailer just turned out and frankly, it looks magnificently marvelous! Look at it right here and tell us what you think about it!

This lady Googled “Ways to die” for 48 Hours before Committing Suicide


11921866_10206741244383442_4172838537864245064_nThese days, it is conceivable to find answer to every single question, if everything fails; there is Google to discover your answer. Isha Handa, age 26, also used Google to do her research however her topic for explore was “Suicide”.

On Sunday evening, Isha conferred suicide by jumping from the thirteenth floor of Shobha Classic apartment. Prior to that she researched a lot on Google through her cellphone about how to commit suicide, what’s the best ways to commit suicide, not just this she also looked for the best & taller buildings for conferring suicide.

Isha was not only a fashion designer but also a wellness consultant. Investigation into the matter exposed that Isha was planning for conferring suicide since 48 hours, prior Police was taking the case as planned murder but now they are considering it as suicide.

The reason of committing suicide is not clear yet; the discoveries made by the Forensic Experts are quite stunning. Isha’s cell phone was recouped from the location and it disclosed that she explored 89 websites to study the best and most effective methods of conferring suicide.

On August 29, 2015, Saturday, Isha used her cell phone to visit search engine Google and looked for  “How to commit suicide?” and after that Isha studied in detail all the methods conferring suicide, for example, hopping before a running train, devouring toxic substance, overdosing dozing pills, hanging, ceasing breath to surrender life and jumping from a tall building etc.


Not just had she studied the methods of committing suicide but also the potential outcomes of surviving in each and every method. After studying the pros and cons of each method she found the method of hopping from the building, the best one and she chose to confer suicide by this way.

Once she chose the method, she began seeking what kind of building ought to be picked, what number of floors it ought to have. After a decent research she chose that building ought to have no less than 10 stories least and afterward she began searching for this sort of building in the city. She also explored how to jump from the building, whether to jump straight or head ought to confront the ground while jumping.


The detailed investigations discovered that she took a taxi and went around Sarjapur Street and Haralur street and hunt down tall buildings. Her taxi bills show that before finalizing the Shobha Classic building, she investigated two different buildings however she chose Shobha Classic as it is a newly constructed and the security is not as tight as compared in other apartments.

On Sunday, around 4 PM she informed her two flatmates Poonam and Stuthi that she is going out for some personal work and might be late. It is said that she arrived at Shobha Classic building around 5 PM and for the following three and a half hours she strolled around the building and attempted to find the way to the terrace.  When she discovered the way to terrace, she chose to wait till it gets dark and then at around 8:30 PM she jumped from the terrace.


A senior officer who is researching the case told, “Having discovered around 250 grams of marijuana and some white pills in her bag, we have not precluded the probability of her having consumed drugs before conferring suicide. It is difficult for somebody in a normal state of mind to simply jump off a building and end their lives; we correlate her state of mind was altered by drugs.”

A rope was also discovered from her bag, Isha’s body was into pieces as she slammed on the ground, the doctors, who led post-mortem, had a tough time gathering pieces. The purpose behind suicide is obscure yet she had boyfriend and two friends with whom she was in touch always.

Police said, “The suicide was simply because of a personal reason, and her family had likewise been asking her to get married. We are trying to speak to all her friends and family members and are certain of figuring out why she made the great stride.”

She was very active in Theatre furthermore established StayClad with her companions, in which women are given Salon services at their home.

She is said to be exceptionally active on social media sites such as Facebook and had a lot of friends.