Online Gambling – The Fun Hobby of the 21st Century

In the past, gambling was considered an activity purely for the purposes of winning money. Over the last few years, this perception has changed, and many people now think of internet gaming as a norm. Very few people in the modern world don’t have access to the internet via a mobile device or a computer. 

It means that more web users are looking for web-based entertainment from the comfort of home. Our expert Daniel Bennet believes that due to gambling technology improvements, online casinos and bookmakers might have the solution. 

He maintains that web-based gambling could be seen as a hobby instead of an activity reserved purely for hardcore punters if managed correctly. It’s easy to look past the monetary implications and play brightly coloured and exciting casino games just for fun.

Pros and Cons

Why would people gamble online? The answer is relatively simple, they want to be entertained, and if it means they could win a little cash simultaneously, that’s even better. The casino industry has a vast array of games and activities on offer. 

With a little research, it’s not difficult to find reliable gambling websites. Many sites such as Casino Canada are doing in-depth reviews of the best websites and games, helping new gamers find reputable betting platforms. 

This type of research is essential for new gamblers who are still navigating online gaming options and aren’t sure what they’re looking for. Players who aren’t familiar with gambling on the internet should take note of certain aspects for a safer experience.

Below we’ve put together a list of pros and cons of online gambling.


  • Convenient and compatible – You can enjoy the mobile gambling industry from the comfort of home.
  • No skill required – Most of the online casino games are easy to understand and don’t need a lot of knowledge to play.
  • Free play mode – Many times, gaming operators allow players to try out games for free. In this way, you can enjoy playing without risking any money until you feel more comfortable to play for real.
  • A relaxing pastime – Unlike traditional hobbies, online games are easily accessible to get some downtime after a long day. You don’t need to leave your home or office, and besides an internet connection, no special tools are required.


  • Financial Implications – Betting online can lead to addiction, causing monetary problems for people who aren’t used to gambling for cash.
  • Social Withdrawal – Some casino games are solitary and can result in players becoming withdrawn and feeling lonely.
  • Unregulated Casinos – Playing using unlicensed online operators exposes gamers to losing money and being prone to identity theft. 

Why Do People Enjoy Online Gambling?

There are various reasons that people enjoy playing online. In 2020 there was an unprecedented global event where COVID-19 swept across the globe. It forced governments to implement multiple levels of lockdown. 

Individuals were forced to stay home and needed to find activities to keep themselves busy. Online gaming was one such activity that sparked many people’s interests. It’s a convenient way to play online games and pass the time. 

It’s affordable since there aren’t any special skills or equipment needed to play, and if you want to play for real, you can control your spending. Online casinos are available 24/7 so no matter where someone was; there’s always an opportunity to play games online. 

Another reason that online gambling is becoming popular is the vast selection of games available. Gamblers are spoilt for choice when it comes to online games. The casino industry offers some of the most varied games from premium software developers, designed to excite players and keep them coming back. 

Below is a list of just some of what you could expect at a premium online provider.

  • Video slot games
  • Live dealer tables games
  • Video poker
  • Blackjack, Roulette and Bacarrat
  • Special activities such as Wheel of Fortune, Deal-or-no-deal and Monopoly
  • Bingo slots and live bingo games
  • Fantasy sports

Gambling vs Gaming

Gambling vs Gaming

Players will argue that there’s a difference between online gambling and gaming. In a way, this is true. There are many opportunities to play online that don’t require any monetary exchange between players and the operator. 

You will find many social casinos online where players can enjoy gambling type games without paying money to play. Conversely, there are no prizes to be won, and it can be considered a fun pastime. 

However, if you look at the rise of online gambling, especially in the esports markets, it’s easy to see that the line is not that clear. Gambling and gaming are very much becoming interchangeable. 

Egames enthusiasts weren’t traditionally punters, but that’s because there wasn’t anything to excite them. With the addition of games to the betting portfolios, online gambling operators have started closing the gap between hobby gamers and bettors. 

The lucrative esports market has already projected $23.5 billion worth of betting action by 2021. It points towards a trend of gamers moving into the gambling scene. 

Final Thoughts

Online gambling can be a lot of fun, and at times can be profitable if a player wins on their wagers. The future of the gambling industry is firmly entrenched on mobile platforms. It allows more people from around the world to access online games. 

The websites offer a variety of products, with something for everyone. A newbie can enjoy the simple slots, while high-rollers can take advantage of table games such as poker and blackjack. Even esports is fast becoming a fixture on the online gambling scene. What is a concern is that new bettors might not realize the dangers of gambling online. 

A hobby is a pastime that you should enjoy without a high-risk factor attached to it. The casino industry will have to educate players about responsible gambling if it hopes to keep the interest alive for hobbyists. In the long run, it will create loyal gamblers and provide a recurring income for the industry.    


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